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What are prosthetic legs made out of ?

Among his inventions was an above-knee device that was a kneeling peg leg and foot prosthesis with a fixed position, ..

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About a year ago, Zac Vawter climbed all 103 flights of stairs of the Willis Tower in Chicago. On its own, this accomplishment would be pretty unremarkable, but Vawter, who lost his leg four years ago during a motorcycle accident, happened climb more than 2,000 steps while wearing a prosthetic leg. Even crazier yet? Vawter could control this prosthetic leg with his mind, sending instructions from his brain, down through nerves that would communicate with his mechanical limb.

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A technology like this is obviously attractive to the military, and $8 million in funding proves that. But while the RIC team was working with the department of defense in administering this technology to wounded veterans, it was focused mostly on upper body prosthetics. “The Army said, ‘We love the technology, but we have there are 10 times more leg amputations than arm amputations–can you do anything to improve the control of prosthetic legs?”

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People have been using neural information to control prosthetic limbs for decades, but all of them have been for the upper-body. Legs, on the other hand, are a little more difficult to control, and it was until recently that the technology was advanced enough—and light enough—to really even begin thinking about making a prosthetic limb like this. “All of the innovation will come to the electronics,” says Reinecke, adding that around 10 years ago the sensors and materials would have made a leg like this around 300 pounds.

Today most prosthetics are little more than glorified support systems, and it’s extraordinarily difficult to get a protheses made of sensors and metal to mimic human movement. But the research team at RIC is getting close. Since around 2005, RIC has been working on a method called targeted muscle reinnervation, which reappropriates nerves from an amputated limbs to healthy muscles. In the case of Vawter, nerves from his lower leg were reattached to healthy hamstring muscles.

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This is a video that shows how the
prosthetic is attached to the "stump" Foam cover- made out of polypropylene and replicates what would be the amputee’s leg.

It is formed by an impression of the residual leg.
A doctor takes measurements to determine/calculate where bones and tendons would be placed.
The socket is what attaches to the amputees’ ‘stump’.
The pylon is the metal part in this specific type of prosthetic leg that provides support.
There are many different materials used for the creation of prosthetic limbs depending on the type.

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At the time Vawter climbed the stairs, this new leg, a collaboration between the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), a team of designers at Vanderbilt University and prosthetics company Freedom Innovations, was the most advanced lower limb prosthetic in development. It still is, but an improvement in technology, recently outlined in an issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, is extending the leg’s capabilities even further, now allowing amputees to control a range of movements—walking up stairs, rotating an ankle, navigating sloped terrains—just by thinking about doing them. “This is where prosthetic limbs will go,” says Steven Reinecke, EVP of Research and Development at Freedom Innovations. “Right now people have a sophisticated support system. The goal is try to mirror the natural body as much as possible.”

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Losing a leg to many means they can no longer run, jump, swim ect
now they can participate in activities otherwise impossible.

->Prosthetic legs have required a lot of research and have made many jobs available.

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