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Socket issues, such as discomfort and skin breakdown, ..

Every amputee who wears a prosthesis experiences the skin adaptations and problems incident to this intimate interface.

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Sign Of Skin Breakdown? | DailyStrength

It has transpired that the performance of this class of prosthesis is unpredictable and after working well they may suffer a ‘catastrophic breakdown’ with release of debris from the bearing surface that can enter the bloodstream or surrounding soft-tissue. The Cobalt-Chrome, articulating against itself, could then lead to toxic levels of metal causing tissue necrosis and putting patients at risk.

Irritation and Skin Issues | MCOP Prosthetics

Similarly, there has been a recent rise in the incidence of skin tears, particularly within care homes and in the elderly population, and this requires a dressing that can both protect vulnerable skin and prevent the entry of contaminants and bacteria into the wound bed.

breakdown of the skin 66 The Exposed Total Knee ..

Skin Care and Your Prosthesis - Premier Prosthetics Blog

It can result in extensive skin breakdown through erythema, maceration and eventually moisture lesions, with the most common presentations being incontinenceassociated dermatitis (IAD), intertriginous dermatitis, periwound moisture-associated dermatitis, and peristomal moisture-associated dermatitis1.

King estimates that each dwarf received 20 to 30 show-and-tell sessions. Details, such as broken blood vessels, were added to the prosthetic skin, and the hair and beards were refined to help imply their Lilliputian stature. “When we refer to a normal-size person with a padded suit on and big clothes, big hair, a big beard, a small face, and seemingly no neck, visually you’re making them go wide. It helped us get the scale right,” King says. (The massive padding and weighty hairpieces, he concedes, made for an exceptionally sweaty set.)

Skin Care | Amputation | Prosthesis - Scribd

Skin breakdown and pressure ulcers are very real problems for many amputees. Pressure sores are painful, inconvenient, and can mean months without your prosthesis.

As of 1995, alum has been sold in a cylindrical form inside a plastic holder, appearing like most commonly-produced deodorants and anti-perspirants. With normal use, one stick lasts several years. Considering its benefits, it is a most economical solution. Many above-knee amputees with suction socket prostheses have found alum to be helpful in minimizing the negative side effects of sweating. This is especially true when wearing the prosthesis in hot weather or during strenuous activity, when the residual limb is more likely to slip or rotate inside the socket, causing skin breakdown, bruising, or inadvertent loss of suspension.

The Drionic® device was a last resort for some amputees, but it had limited success for most patients. The electronic control pads attached to the residual limb create an ion-transfer, preventing the sweat glands from producing sweat for a period of time. Both the cost of the device and the time involved in using it, created low acceptance among amputees. A further consideration is that sweating cools the skin's temperature and is a normal function of the body. Most amputees will sweat more from other areas of the body, depending on their level of amputation and the type of prosthesis they wear.

In summary, sweat inside a prosthesis is not only uncomfortable, it can also lead to skin breakdown.
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    Skin Care and Your Prosthesis

  • healing or repeated skin breakdown

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26: Skin Problems of the Amputee | O&P Virtual Library

The amputees who had reported skin problems such as excema, contact dermatitis, or heat blisters noted significant relief after applying alum to their residual limbs. Though not all individuals experienced relief, 75% said that they would continue to use the product routinely. Since my prosthetic assignments have taken me to various parts of the United States and Canada, I have supplied Alum-Sticks routinely to amputees. The same positive results have been repeated as experienced by the original test group of five amputee golfers.

Skin Problems of the Amputee ..

There are chemical drugs to minimize sweating, but they also make a person feel more thirsty. Other skin-drying products, which are only available with a doctor's prescription, are Drysol or Hydrosol. The lotion is applied to the residual limb several minutes prior to donning the prosthesis. Though effective for several amputees, after repeated use, these lotions left the skin dry and flaky, and in some cases, itchy.

Prosthetic Issues – Tips for Amputees | MCOP Prosthetics

Similarly, overcoming problems with patients' skin; achieving properly filling prosthesis; and managing the ‘wear and tear’ of prosthetic limbs are all challenging aspects in the management of this patient group.

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