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Protein Synthesis -Translation and Regulation

Along with RNA and proteins, DNA is one of the three major macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life.

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AP biology DNA and Protein Synthesis | CourseNotes

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This causes the protein synthesis toremain incomplete and lose most of the biological activity.

Determining the crystal structure of a protein-DNA complex can provide a wealth of information regarding protein function and mechanism. The foundation for all successful X-ray structure determination is the ability to produce diffraction-quality crystals. Crystallization of protein-DNA complexes often presents unique challenges because of the additional parameters involved. This chapter will outline many of those challenges, including choice of DNA and formation of a stable protein-DNA complex and provide guidance in preparing for crystallization experiments. Additionally, techniques for oligonucleotide purification, sample preparation, and crystallization methods are provided. Careful thought and initial analysis of the protein-DNA complex prior to crystallization experiments followed by optimization of crystallization parameters can greatly increase the likelihood of producing well-diffracting crystals.

AP biology DNA and Protein Synthesis

Since proteinsynthesis occurs in the cytoplasm and the DNA must remain in the nucleus, a wayof transporting the code is essential.

Each student will participate in transcription and translation. Bring each student into the nucleus (front of the class). Give each a piece of paper they will hang around their necks that have one of the letters A C T G on them. They have now become nucleotides. The students will then create a DNA double helix strand matching up the letters by holding hands across from each other. One strand will then pull away from the other strand of DNA. Half of the students can then flip their cards over and become RNA (Uracil replaces Thymine). Then have the mRNA leave the nucleus and bind with the two subunits of a ribosome (two other students). The remaining students become tRNA and find the amino acids that match up with the three person codon. As the process of mRNA binding to a ribosome is repeated, a protein gets generated.

Begin this activity by addressing the students as cellular spies and tell them their mission is to secretly crack a DNA code. Each pair will approach "Master H"(teacher) to receive their specific mission. These groups will be given their own assignment that must be decoded secretly and in complete silence (decoding chart attached). Once the code has been cracked and the sequence solved the group will move around the room (cytoplasm) finding beads that match certain amino acids. They will connect these beads until they have created their full protein (bead color chart attached). Once this mission has been completed they must return the decoded sequence to "Master H" to see if they have been successful in their mission. If so they will be rewarded. (reward may vary) If their mission was not completed successfully it is up to them to find the missing link. Have fun and keep it secret.

Radioactively labeled protein and DNA to see ..

Purpose: To provide a slow-digesting protein source (up to 7 hours) to limit muscle breakdown and increase protein synthesis.

Messenger RNA: Messenger ribonucleic acid, commonly called messenger RNA or mRNA, is an RNA molecule that encodes a chemical "blueprint" for the synthesis of a protein.
Protein: aA complex natural substance that has a globular or fibrous structure composed of linked amino acids.
Ribosome: a submicroscopic cluster of proteins and RNA, occurring in great numbers in the cytoplasm of living cells, that takes part in the manufacture of proteins
What is the process of protein synthesis?

Bionexus has developed gene synthesis protocols that allow rapid turnaround times from optimizing the codon to confirming the sequence of the synthetic gene at a very competitive price.

Overall, protein synthesis process involves transcription of DNA to mRNA, which is then translated into protein.
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    Synthesis of RNA exhibits several features that are synonymous with DNA replication

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    The processes of DNA replication and protein synthesis is considered to be ..

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    Dependence of DNA synthesis upon prior protein synthesis has been suggested for several other systems.

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6 Chapter DNA, RNA, AND PROTEIN SYNTHESIS A typical human cell ..

Replication is the process by which existing DNA is used as a template for the synthesis of new DNA strands in the cell nucleus.
Replication, transcription, and translation are related to one another because you need DNA replication to make DNA, which is then required to make mRNA in transcription, which is then used by ribosomes to make proteins (in translation).
if a person with sickle-cell anemia has blood cells that are shaped like sickles, the DNA might have become mutated in order for this to occur.

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