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Why do Postmodernists reject this theory?What is the primary idea behind “word play?”What four points does Kevin J.

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This actually worked for many years after the Second World War. However at the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, Fordism, it is argued, collapsed. In its place, a new variant of capitalism, post-Fordism began to take shape. Just as Fordism was production-led so post-Fordism is consumer-led. The introduction of computers has meant that distribution systems have enabled retailers to avoid overstocking and has allowed mass markets to be split up into the targeting of specific groups. Targeting specific groups of consumers has meant that design has become a major selling point. Henry Ford said that when he brought out his first car, the buyer could have any colour he wanted as long as it was black! Post-Fordist industry cannot do that. Every major car produced today has a number of models the consumer can choose from. Commodities are no longer bought simply for the use value they have, but also for the lifestyle that goes with their design. Just think of Adidas and Nike advertising. Image is all important in the postmodern era.

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This attitude might seem gloomy at first, but postmodernism is far from Debbie Downerville. It takes this lack of originality as a starting point and says, what the hey?—let's just have fun experimenting and drawing inspiration from those texts that already exist. Sure, some critics may see this as a cop-out, but for postmodernists, it can be liberating. Think of it like a collage, where you piece together stuff to create another text that takes on a life of its own. You've seen those Andy Warhol prints that ? Imagine that but applied to literary texts.

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The course will also cover the growing significance of qualitative research techniques across the modern and postmodern era.

Edwards, R. (1997) Changing Places? Flexibility, lifelong learning and a learning society, London: Routledge. 214 + x pages. Edwards looks at some of the key discourses that he claims have come to govern the education and training of adults. He looks at the context for such changes and their contested nature. The focus is on how the idea of a learning society has developed in recent years. The usual trip through postmodern thinking is followed by an analysis of the ways in which specific discourses of change have been constructed to provide the basis for a growing interest in lifelong learning and a learning society.

In this piece we have looked at the changes that have taken place in society over the last few decades and briefly examined the idea that we have now entered into a new postmodern era. This new era has been characterised by a rejection of absolute truths and grand narratives explaining the progressive evolution of society. At the same time it has brought to the surface a multitude of different perspectives on society and an appreciation of different cultures. It has highlighted globalisation on the one hand and localisation on the other, the celebration of difference and the search for commonality.

Discussion on postmodernism and truth

Kumar, K. (1997) ‘The Post-Modern Condition’ in A. H. Halsey, H. Lauder, P. Brown and A. S. Wells (eds.)  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Firstly, there is postmodern art – not just painting and sculpture but also architecture, music, literature, drama etc. It’s main features are a lack of depth and of meaning. There is a diversity of forms and content. The art critic Suzy Gablik gave a talk in Los Angeles where she spoke about the

… multidimensional and slippery space of post-modernism [where] anything goes with anything, like a game without rules. Floating images … maintain no relationship with anything at all, and meaning becomes detachable like the keys on a key ring. Dissociated and decontextualized, they slide past one another failing to link up into a coherent sequence. Their fluctuating but not reciprocal interactions are unable to fix meaning.” (quoted in Callinicos 1989:12).

Professor Stephen Hicks's central thesis on postmodernist intellectuals is that ..
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    Literature and Postmodernism, and texts and readers, the convention of a

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Literary postmodernism in Anthony Burgess novels, i. E. In A Clockwork Orange, . I declare that I have worked on this thesis independently, using only the.

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The specificity of the postmodern literary convention in translation. Shifting roles of females in prepostmodern literature existthe. In A Clockwork OrangeI declare that I have worked on this thesis independentlyusing only the. The modern multimodal literary novel cannot be classified as merely postmodernbut. Literature and Postmodernismand texts and readersthe convention of a. In this thesis I look at one specific genre of literary fiction that reacts. British postmodern literature is that at the end of the 1960swith The French. This dissertation makes a comparative analysis of the selfreflexivity in the novels. This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by Honors Program at CU. This dissertation explores the Holocausts relationship to modernity and. Introducing postmodern theory and literature into the field of Holocaust Studies. Postmodern Literature Murakamis International Chronicle. Literary postmodernism in Anthony Burgess novelsi. This thesis attempts to determine whether there are some specific aspects of this convention. This thesis examines the relationship between nihilism and postmodernism in relation to the sublimeand is divided into two parts theory and literature. Portions of this thesis have been disseminated at the following conferences and in the following. Brian McHale details his main thesis on this shiftalthough many postmodern works have developed out of modernismmodernism is characterised.

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Word or Wordpad) respond to the following questions:
Why is the statement “God so loved the world” nonsensical to a Postmodernist?
What is literary deconstruction?

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How to cite this article: Burke, Barry (2000) ‘Post-modernism and post-modernity’, the encyclopaedia of informal education, . Last update: 29-May-2012

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