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New optimisation algorithm for planar antenna array synthesis

These routines are integrated into a menu–driven, user–friendlysystemallowing you to quickly evaluate the performance of a wide variety ofantennatypes.

1 x 4 30 GHz Beamforming Array and 1 x 16 30 GHz H-Plane AFTSA-SC with PET Phase Array

Planar microstrip antenna arrays can be solved with the specialinfinite, planar, multi-layer dielectric MoM solver. Finite dielectricstructures can be modelled with the MoM for finite bodies. When thedielectric constants are highly varying the hybrid FEM/MoM or FEM/MLFMMtechniques may be used. These techniques are also very usefulin modelling large arrays.

pattern synthesis of subarrayed planar array


Large arrays may still require large amounts of computationalresources. In these cases the MoM with periodic boundaryconditions (PBC) may be used with great effect to analyse the radiationpatterns of such arrays.

The distribution matrix is exported from Antenna Magus into CST MICROWAVE STUDIO using the array wizard feature to create the final 36 element array with the same squint angles as used in Antenna Magus. The final CST array and simulated results are shown in Fig. 7. The difference between the Antenna Magus and CST simulated pattern results are due to the fact that Antenna Magus does not compensate for corner and edge elements or mutual coupling between elements. It assumes the same radiation pattern for all elements. As expected, the difference is more noticeable as the squint angle increases (compare Fig. 6 bottom right with Fig. 7 (b)), because here the edge and corner elements have a greater effect on the radiated pattern. This illustrates the advantage of using Antenna Magus to assist with fast first order array synthesis and closing the loop, using a full wave simulation tool like CST MICROWAVE STUDIO.

in the synthesis of planar subarrayed antenna.

1 x 16 E-Plane Beam-Steering Phased Array with Circularly Polarized AFTS-SC Antenna and EBG Structure

Uniform circular arrays are commonly used geometrical arrangements in smart antenna systems. These arrangements of antennas radiate their own individual beam patterns adaptively producing different radiation properties for different geometrical arrangements. The array factor determines the overall radiation pattern. The radiation patterns for uniform circular arrays and planar uniform circular arrays are presented in this paper using Normalized fractional Least Mean Squares as the weighting scheme. Results obtained show that planar uniform circular array (4:8) using Normalized Fractional Least Mean Squares algorithm is more suitable for high-end applications as its side lobe levels are greatly reduced compared to the other geometry.

Antenna Magus Professional has a broad selection of antenna designs included in the database which is continually being expanded with new designs. Regular updates of the software as well as the database will be available under the downloads page. Users can search through the database by entering search criteria consisting of keywords like high gain, wide band, circularly polarised etc. and select and design antennas according to performance objectives. The designed antennas can be analysed in Antenna Magus to give a quick approximation of the antenna's performance. Once the user is satisfied he can export his design as a parameterised model to any of the supported analysis tools (i.e. FEKO or CST MICROWAVE STUDIO ®).

Furthermore, for the case of  conformal array antenna the measured results are compared with the MATLAB synthesized results.
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Method for the phase synthesis of planar antenna arrays

It can accurately simulate the far-field characteristics of a large variety of planar phased array configurations in both the frequency and time domain.

planar array antenna - Free Open Source Codes - …

Antennas often consist of arrays of contributing elements, eitherwith direct feeds for each element or via indirect coupling. Designershave to consider not only the characteristics of the individualelements, but also for the entire array. Depending on the complexity ofthe array such analyses can become computationally very expensive.

Synthesis of Linear and Non-Separable Planar Array Patterns

N2 - A procedure to synthesize asymmetrically shaped beam patterns is developed for planar antenna arrays. As it is based on the quasi-analytical method of collapsed distributions, the main advantage of this procedure is the ability to realize a shaped (null-free) region with very low ripple. Smooth and asymmetrically shaped regions can be used for Direction-of-Arrival estimation and subsequently for efficient tracking with a single output (fully analog) beamformer.

a planar array is an antenna in which all of the ..

By following this approach in Antenna Magus, two topologies are identified that can be combined to create a new suitable element: the Circular EM coupled patch (which provides sufficient bandwidth) and the dual feed mechanism of the dual fed circularly polarized patch (which provides circular polarization). This combination results in a Dual fed EM coupled circularly polarized circular patch shown in Fig. 1. Antenna Magus' exported models can be used to easily generate the new structure in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO. The new structure simulated in CST has an impedance bandwidth of 13.4 % below |S11| = -10 dBi and maximum gain of 7 dBi at the centre frequency.

Selling advanced phased array antenna design ..

By including additional search terms like "circular polarization", results in few elements that lend themselves to array inclusion. So a second search for "circular polarization" and "planar" results in a second set of options.

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