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21/09/2016 · How to Write a Good Thesis

A strong thesis statement is the foundation of an interesting, well-researched paper

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How to Restate a Thesis: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Some very odd statements are in circulation about Eusebius Pampilusthe Historian. Recently someone quoted one of them at me, as a put-down. I had the opportunity to check the statements fairly easily, and the resultsare interesting, if discouraging for those looking for data on the internet. Since then I have come across other variants, and added these also.

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19/01/2018 · How to Restate a Thesis

Of the rest each one endured different forms of torture. [etc]I think we can see that v.2 is the bit that Gibbon has used. Butdoes it mean what Gibbon says? Or is Eusebius, faced with a hugeamount of material for contemporary events, simply honestly stating thatfrom here on he won't cover everything, but only those which are in someway useful to know about, whether positive, or negative but with a usefulmoral, and for the rest stick to general statements? It seems asif that the latter is more consistent with the context, although one couldmake out some sort of case that Gibbon is misrepresenting something thatis really there in Eusebius. But is the idea that Gibbon is makingin Eusebius' mind at all? Surely he's thinking about writing somethinguseful to his public?

The Martyrs of PalestineThis is an appendix to Book VIII of the HE, and is not a history buta martyrology - a book intended for devotional use. Here's the ANFtext:
1. I Think it best to pass by all the other events which occurredin the meantime: such as those which happened to the bishops of the churches,when instead of shepherds of the rational flocks of Christ, over whichthey presided in an unlawful manner, the divine judgment, considering themworthy of such a charge, made them keepers of camels, an irrational beastand very crooked in the structure of its body, or condemned them to havethe care of the imperial horses;-and I pass by also the insults and disgracesand tortures they endured from the imperial overseers and rulers on accountof the sacred vessels and treasures of the Church; and besides these thelust of power on the part of many, the disorderly and unlawful ordinations,and the schisms among the confessors themselves; also the novelties whichwere zealously devised against the remnants of the Church by the new andfactious members, who added innovation after innovation and forced themin unsparingly among the calamities of the persecution, heaping misfortuneupon misfortune.

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The thesis statement (which may be more than one sentence) usually appears at the end of your introduction and presents your specific argument or claim to the reader.

(48 (on ) which Photius ascribes to Josephus is actually by Hippolytus). c.47 mentions only a couple of incidents from the seige of Jerusalem. c.76 deals only with one incident that interested Photius from 20.9-11, 20, and does not attempt to give any picture of the rest of the work. c.

But again Grant allows the reader to draw the negative conclusion without making it himself.

As far as I could see, he only squarely faced the issue of sincerity once, in the conclusion (p.164), where he then surprisingly says, "And whether or not one agrees with every detail of the portrait of Eusebius that begins to emerge, it is at least a picture of a huamn being, neither a saint nor intentionally a scoundrel."; which was not the impression I got from the rest of the book, I have to say.

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Origenistic exegesis?
When I read the comment of Eusebius, I was reminded of the statement inOrigen's 4, 3, 5, that in Scripture:
'all has a spiritual meaning, but not everything has a literal meaning.'
Eusebius' mentor Pamphilus wrote a defence of Origen, to which Eusebius addeda final book (all now lost except for an unreliable Latin version of the firstbook by Rufinus). It seemed to me that Eusebius has the allegoricalapproach of this school in mind.

But to persuade people of it isnot easy.' Plato disagrees; but Eusebius omitted his disagreement. Eusebius' comments follow this connecting phrase in the .

[Note: Plato does goon to say that in fact people will easily believe quite ridiculous stories - but Eusebius skips thatbit. Since Eusebius' point is that some people have difficultyunderstanding some things (a theme already raised in, in which Eusebius explains his view of scripture), and soscripture resorts to narrative fiction to help them visualise the abstract, itis not surprising that he ignores this part of the . Since hedoes ignore it, it has to be asked whether it is relevant in understanding thepoint of this part of the PE.]
Pulling it together
I think we're asking too much of the text, and trying to build aphilosophical statement on an inference. Eusebius was concerned to show that Greek ideas had theirorigin in the bible. For this purpose he ransacked his library formaterial that would illustrate this. Of course this material was oftenwritten with quite other values in mind, and we need not suppose that every wordhe quotes supports his thesis, or is even relevant. In of the PE he returns to the Laws, a bit further on, and in his comment heignores all of what he quotes apart from the conclusion. In chapter 31, heis responding to the observation of Clinias, picking up on the idea of fictionas a way to convince more easily than reason, and making a general point aboutthe bible. That Plato's purpose is to the advantage of the community, andthe disadvantage of the individual is irrelevant to Eusebius, and he ignoresit. All he picks up on is the method of teaching a useful idea, by meansof words not strictly true.

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The thesis statement (which may be more than one sentence) usually appears at the end of your introduction and presents your specific argument or claim to the reader. The thesis should cover only what you discuss in your paper and be supported throughout the paper with evidence. A thesis statement serves many purposes, including the following:

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from the history of Eusebius, from thedeclamations of Lactantius, to collect a long series of horrid and disgustingpictures ...[snip] But I cannot determine what I ought to transcribe,till I am satisfied how much I ought to believe. The gravest of theecclesiastical historians, Eusebius himself, indirectly confesses thathe has related whatever might redound to the glory, and that he has suppressedall that could tend to the disgrace, of religion.178 Such an acknowledgement will naturally excite a suspicion that a writerwho has so openly violated one of the fundamental laws of history has notpaid a very strict regard to the observance of the other; and the suspicionwill derive additional credit from the character of Eusebius, which wasless tinctured with credulity, and more practised in the arts of courts,than that of almost any of his contemporaries.

The subordinate conjunction has two jobs

Be sure to include a hook at the beginning of the introduction. This is a statement of something sufficiently interesting to motivate your reader to read the rest of the paper, it is an important/interesting scientific problem that your paper either solves or addresses. You should draw the reader in and make them want to read the rest of the paper.

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As we have seen, Gibbon's statements do not tie up much with what Eusebiuswrote. It is fair to say that Gibbon gave the facts the worst interpretationthey could bear. The master of English prose also phrased his remarksin such a way that many people would take them as meaning more than hesaid - and he placed no barrier to that interpretation. And so itduly occurred.

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