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Where Photosynthesis Takes Place In The Leaf? - YouTube

Read on to know more about how photosynthesis takes place in aquatic plants.

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Where Does Photosynthesis Take Place in the Ocean

The granum (plural grana) is a stack of which contains the photosynthetic pigments; this is where the light dependent stage takes place:

That's why nearly all photosynthesis in the ocean takes place in the sunlit upper layers

Water enters a plant, including any tree, not through its leaves but through its roots. This fact immediately presents us with a conundrum—all of the plant’s living cells require water, so this vital substance must be distributed throughout the plant from the point where it enters, at the roots. What’s more, the plant’s fundamental process of photosynthesis, which requires water, takes place not in the roots or stems, but in the leaves. The leaves (or in conifers, the needles) can be in a canopy that is easily 200, and sometimes more than 300, feet above the ground. Here is a view of the canopy of the Wind River Experimental Forest, an old-growth forest in the Washington Cascades. It was taken from a special-purpose crane rising even higher than the trees, so that we could look down on them from a gondola. From this perspective, it’s

Where does photosynthesis take place? | Yahoo Answers

27/09/2011 · In most plants, photosynthesis takes place mainly in the leaves

We'll look at a simpler example of photosynthesis first, and use it as an introduction to photosynthesis in plants and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Although the primary reactions of photosynthesis take place at "photosynthetic reaction centers," the first level of interaction of light with an organism that carries out photosynthesis is at an assembly of chlorophyll molecules that "harvest" light (the "light-harvesting complex"). Such an assembly results in a greater chance that photons will be captured and, because of the strategic arrangement of the individual chlorophyll and other accessory light-absorbing molecules, the transfer of energy to the photosynthetic reaction center is very fast (-10 s) and very efficient (>90%).

Algae are a very diverse group of predominantly aquatic photosynthetic organisms that account for almost 50% of the photosynthesis that takes place on Earth. Algae have a wide range of antenna pigments to harvest light energy for photosynthesis giving different types of algae their characteristic colour. Early work done with algae contributed much to what is presently known about the carbon dioxide fixation pathway and the light harvesting reactions. The processes of photosynthesis in algae and higher plants are very similar. From among the three types of carbon dioxide‐concentrating mechanisms known in photosynthetic organisms, two types are found in different types of algae. Algae are proposed to play a role in the global carbon cycle by helping remove excess carbon dioxide from the environment. Recently, algae are recognized as a promising biodiesel source due to its efficient absorption and conversion of solar energy into chemical energy.

where does photosynthesis take place in a cactus

It turns out that the overall reaction of photosynthesis takes place in two steps. In the first step, the oxygen in water is oxidized by the light energy:

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  • in which way photosynthesis takes place inplants? | …

    28/10/2016 · Photosynthesis takes place inside plant cells in small things called chloroplasts

  • animals only Where in the plant does photosynthesis take place

    Photosynthesis takes place in

  • Photosynthesis takes place entirely within chloroplasts

    In the plant photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast In bacterium the from BIO 1001A at UWO

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