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What Are Photosynthesis and Respiration?

Chemically speaking, respiration is photosynthesis in reverse, as you can see in this equation:

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Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

The figure illustrates how closely photosynthesis and respiration are linked. As you can see, thanks to these two life-sustaining processes, plants and animals depend on each other to survive.

In terms of the gas taken in and the gas given out, photosynthesis is the opposite of respiration.

In respiration energy is released fromsugars when electrons associated with hydrogen are transported to oxygen (theelectron acceptor), and water is formed as a byproduct. The mitochondriause the energy released in this oxidation in order to synthesize ATP. Inphotosynthesis, the electron flow is reversed, the water is split (not formed),and the electrons are transferred from the water to CO2 and in theprocess the energy is used to reduce the CO2 into sugar. Inrespiration the energy yield is 686 kcal per mole of glucose oxidized to CO2,while photosynthesis requires 686 kcal of energy to boost the electrons from thewater to their high-energy perches in the reduced sugar -- light provides thisenergy.

What Are Photosynthesis and Respiration? - dummies

Photosynthesis vs Respiration - Photosynthesis

Only plants can photosynthesize, but both plants and animals depend on respiration to release the chemical potential energy originally captured through photosynthesis.

The students will be responsible for knowing what the reactants and products of each reaction, the location of each reaction within the cell, and the reason the cell needs to carry out the reaction.

Day 1: ATP and Photosynthesis
Day 2: Cell Respiration
Day 3: Fermentation
Day 4: Review
​Day 5: Test

The Cell, Respiration and Photosynthesis

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