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MDH plays important roles in early ..

Blood plays an important role in regulating the body’s systems and maintaining homeostasis

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PEPCK plays an important role in the CO 2-concentrating ..

Gunnebo: electronic security plays an important role. Gunnebo, a world-leading supplier of integrated security systems and services, has sponsored the first European electronic security barometer conducted by the consulting company Concomitance. The aim was to obtain a clearer picture of the electronic security market across Europe. The survey uses responses from decisionmakers like security managers and site managers at 167 major European businesses to offer a unique, detailed view of the market. This European study provides insight into what is expected from suppliers, priorities, satisfaction and the criteria used to select solutions.

Photosynthesis plays an important role in supplying energy to living things.

In lower pH community tanks (6.8 to 7.4) KH (Alkaline) buffers such as Sea Chem Alkaline Buffer are still important, however, as noted earlier, I like to counter these with natural lower (acid) pH “buffers” such as Indian Almond Leaves, Peat, Pillow/Frog Moss, and/or Mango/Drift Wood.

Buffering your freshwater aquarium is especially important if you have plants fed by CO2 which will raise pH during peak growth times, and there is scientific evidence that GH plays a role here as well.
Please see this article for more about this subject:

For low pH/Soft Water Aquariums (such as Discus, Ram Cichlid, Betta), besides the before mentioned “slow” acid buffers (peat, Frog Moss, etc.), you can use immediate acid buffers KH (carbonate) buffers for quicker results, such as SeaChem’s Acid Buffer.

Photosynthesis plays an important role in supplying energy to ..

Photosynthesis plays a very big role for supplying energy and oxygen, ..

By being needed as well as consumed in huge quantities, available K is likely to be lacking in some circumstances. High concentrations of K can decrease the availability of the roots of plants’ micro elements like magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in the photosynthesis process. While K is leached easily from sandy soils, it gets fixed with the mineral clay in heavy soils. Uncontrolled K applications can result in increased salinity of soils. So, gardeners and farmers have to make sure that they supply the crops and plants with appropriate amounts of potassium along with other elements, without affecting the soil’s salinity or chemical balance. These are only a few important instructions in terms of using potassium and other fertilizers for agriculture and there is a lot more to it.

Where transplants and seeds are placed in such a way that they are directly exposed to fertilizers, potassium sulfate may not damage the plants. K is known for its stimulating effects towards strong growth of stems and it makes plants resistant to some diseases, whilst helping other plants in terms of thickened outer cell walls. When there is enough K, the moisture loss will be reduced, thus resulting in drought resistance in plants. In addition to these benefits, K plays an important role in enhancing the flavor, storing quality as well as color of several types of fruits as well as vegetables. SOP is obtained either by mining and processing or by reacting sulfuric acid with MOP. Though, SOP is a little expensive, it can be used in agriculture to a great extent. Potassium sulfate fertilizer can be stored in bags, but people should not store it in silos.

probably plays an increasingly important role

It also plays an important role of activating enzymes and transporting products of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process used by all autotrophs, or producers, to generate energy without having to devour other organisms. Autotrophs play an essential role in supplying energy to the world’s organisms, as they convert the light from the sun (a form of energy) into chemical energy. This chemical energy is stored in carbohydrates for later use by the autotroph. When a heterotroph, or consumer, consumes an autotroph, it digests those carbohydrates and gain the energy stored within. Photosynthesis is one of the most important processes in nature, and it is performed by an organelle in the cells of photosynthetic organisms called chloroplast.

Another note about calcium; Calcium is very important to proper discus health, yet calcium can adversely affect the kH of a discus aquarium when combined with sodium carbonates or bi carbonates, which is generally kept at a pH below 6.5.
I have successfully used sources of calcium such as Wonder Shells (usually at 1/4 -1/2 dose), in discus aquariums by using a mix of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water and tap water (dilution will vary depending on your tap and tank water parameters).
I then add electrolytes to the RO water and add peat to the filters.
I have used this method successfully with discus and added the needed calcium with no pH climb.

Calcium is also a major Reducer with a negative 2.87 electron reduction rating, and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy aquarium Redox Balance that is a VERY important aspect of true water quality.

as well as plays an important role in ..
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  • Bioenergy plays an important role in the EU energy mix

    “plays an important role in N-fixation in legumes by supplying energy ..

  • However nitrogen also plays an important role in food security The ..

    (CO2) plays an important role in enabling plants to photosynthesis and therefore grow.

  • What is ATP and how does ATP production take place

    plays an important role in ..

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Phosphorus (P) is essential for all living organisms

Finally, back to the aspect of Calcium (& magnesium) in general is if these important elements are in “short supply” besides the before mentioned problems, an aquarist may also see pH swings a few hours after the lights go on as the process of Photosynthesis in algae will increase pH during daylight hours if low levels of calcium and magnesium are present (as noted earlier in the GH section as per studies).
Keep in mind that a pH swing from 7.8 to 8.2 (as is common in this situation) is four fold increase in pH since the pH scale is logarithmic.

Plants must have phosphorus for normal growth and maturity

Organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers reflect the nutrient content through numbers on packages. Such numbers are meant for representing 3 different compounds: Phosphorous, Potash and Nitrogen, which can also be described as P, K and N which when alternated mean NPK. The 3 numbers found of the labels of fertilizers correspond to the amount of such materials found in fertilizers. Along with other properties, Potassium or K is very important for the plants’ overall health and Nitrogen or N aids the strong growth of plant foliage, whereas Phosphorous plays a vital role in development and growth of flowers and roots. People should know that adding high amounts of nitrogen rich fertilizers may result in weaker plants which are prone to attacks by pests and diseases. Also, showy, fast growth is not really a good thing for plants.

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