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Photosynthesis for Kids - Primary Theme Park

Photosynthesis - perfect chemistry in Nature

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What is the meaning of the word photosynthesis - …

We will now contemplate, through the prism of the Torah's inner wisdom, the spiritual significance of photosynthesis producing oxygen for breathing and food for digestion.

Looking for the meaning or definition of the word photosynthesis? Here are some definitions.

With the discovery of photosynthesis, it became evident that light is the physical foundation of all creation (as is equally apparent from the Bible's identification of light as the first specific element of creation that G-d called into being-"And G-d said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light").

Photosynthesis requires a series of chemical reactions.

The intensively cultivated agricultural plants average about 3% in photosynthetic efficiency, and most crops range from 1-4%. This is also typical of algae.

The entire process of photosynthesis is, as its name implies, driven by light (visible electromagnetic radiation) emitted by the sun day after day, hour after hour.

Meaning of photosynthesis in Hindi

The carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis form the foundation of nature's food chain; without them complex life forms, like man, would be incapable of surviving.

But what about the development of land plants? Why did they stay green? The thoughts are that they had plenty of light and were not pressured to develop more efficient light gathering. That is, the light was not the limiting resource in photosynthesis for plants.

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    Photoinhibition occurs in all organisms capable of oxygenic photosynthesis, from vascular plants to cyanobacteria

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    15/01/2018 · Overview of Photosynthesis Review Worksheet ..

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    Meaning of photosynthesis in Hindi, Hindi Meaning of word photosynthesis, What is meaning of photosynthesis in Hindi

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Current understanding is that the earliest photosynthetic organisms were aquatic bacteria, some of which are still around today. One of these, halobacterium halobium, grows in extremely salty water. It makes use of the bacteriorhodopsin pigment. The chlorophyll system developed to use the available light, as if it developed in strata below the purple bacteria and had to use what it could get.

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Oxygen (Respiration), Food (Digestion)

In the process of photosynthesis, plants convert light (solar energy) into carbohydrates.

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It is evident from these absorption and output plots that only the red and blue ends of the part of the are used by plants in photosynthesis. The reflection and transmission of the middle of the spectrum gives the leaves their green visual color.

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The plot of the absorption spectra of the chlorophylls plus correlates well with the observed photosynthetic output. The measure of photochemical efficiency is made by meauring the amount of oxygen produced by leaves following exposure to various wavelengths.

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The measured rate of photosynthesis as a function of absorbed wavelength correlates well with the absorption frequencies of chlorophyll a, but makes it evident that there are some other contributors to the absorption.

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Since the process of photosynthesis is responsible for the formation of the physical systems that correspond to the ten sefirot, we will now ponder the relationship between the light driving that process and the names of the sefirot "produced" by it.

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