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Improvement of photosynthesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.) …

Photosynthetic Performance, Mineral Ions and V-ATPase and V-PPase in Plants of southeast Rajasthan, India

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higher photosynthesis in rice and wheat may be the ..

Light energy absorbed by chloroplast pigments in the light dependent stage of photosynthesis is used to drive reactions of the light independent stage that produce complex organic compounds.

Reduced the yield of wheat and turmeric but increased the yield of maize and rice

As light starts to reach green cells, at dawn for example, photosynthesis starts, and some oxygen is produced. Eventually the light intensity increases to the point where oxygen production by photosynthesis is equal to oxygen consumption in respiration. Now the leaf is neither an oxygen importer nor exporter. This point is known as the compensation point ().

Science of C4 Rice - International Rice Research Institute

Leaf extracts inhibited jungle rice and sedge, but not cultivated rice

At first sight it seems that the one process is simply the reverse of the other. In fact these equations are merely ‘balance sheets’ of the inputs and outputs. Photosynthesis and respiration occur by different pathways with many enzymes unique to one or the other pathway. And of course, photosynthesis is an anabolic process, whereas respiration is a catabolic one.

The sugars produced in photosynthesis provide the carbon ‘skeletons’ for the synthesis of all the the plant needs. We can say that green plants are ‘self-feeding’ (autotrophic nutrition). This type of nutrition contrasts with the ways animals and other organisms get their nutrients. In fact, it is green plant nutrition that supports the living world as a whole. Green plants are the source of nutrients for almost all other organisms, directly or indirectly. In this topic we look at photosynthesis as an energy transfer process.

Like other grain crops, most rice is an annual, planted each year

Higher photosynthesis leads to greater stress tolerance in HYR rice plants.

While the photosynthetic process has been intensively studied, improving photosynthesis is a new, and relatively unexplored, frontier in plant science. By improving photosynthesis, the Centre can contribute to a new yield revolution for food crops.

The Centre’s goal is to improve the biological process of photosynthesis in the crop plants that humans depend on for food, such as wheat, rice and sorghum.

The versatile rice plant grows both in dry land and in flooded paddies
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  • Single-leaf and canopy photosynthesis of rice - …

    In rice more than 90% of the total chloroplasts are located in mesophyll cells (MCs) within the leaf (Yoshimura et al

  • growth and photosynthesis of rice plants exposed to ..

    18/11/2014 · Rice yield increase of 30 percent enabled by use of a photosynthesis 'switch ..

  • During photosynthesis, plants trap light energy with their leaves

    Photosynthetic characteristics of hybrid and conventional rice plants as a function of plant competition

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to modify photosynthesis in rice to ..

Xu, M., R. Galhano, P. Wiemann, E. Bueno, M. Tiernan, W. Wu, I. Chung, J. Gershenzon, B. Tudzynski, A. Sesma, and R. J. Peters. 2012. "Genetic Evidence for Natural Product-Mediated Plant-Plant Allelopathy in Rice (Oryza sativa)." New Phytologist 193: 570–575.

14/09/2013 · Better photosynthesis in rice from an ..

NADP is a molecule found in the organelles of plant cells. You will notice that NADP is very similar to the coenzyme NAD of respiration, but it carries an additional phosphate group, hence the acronym NADP ().

resulted in dwarfed rice plants, but photosynthesis rates ..

In Step Three, regeneration of the acceptor molecule occurs. For every six molecules of triose phosphate formed, five are used to form three molecules of RuBP. In this conversion, energy from ATP is also required. From the other molecule of triose phosphate other compounds are synthesized. These include carbohydrates (sugars and starch, and sucrose for translocation in the phloem), lipids, and amino acids. In these conversions energy from ATP is also required. How the products of photosynthesis sustain the whole of the plant is summarised in .

the technique of efficient photosynthesis in rice plants ..

Radioactive carbon (carbon-14) became available for biochemical investigations in 1945. One of the early applications was an investigation of photosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation. It was undertaken by Melvin Calvin, James Bassham and Andy Benson in California. Carbon dioxide labelled with carbon-14 (14CO2) is taken up by the cells and is fixed into the products of photosynthesis in just the same way as unlabelled carbon dioxide (12CO2) is. It was then possible to discover the sequence of metabolites which become labelled – in effect, the path of carbon in photosynthesis, from carbon dioxide to sugars and the other products of photosynthesis.

end subscript plants, including rice, ..

Fascinating ‘detective work’ by biochemists has shown us how photosynthesis works, step by step. Not surprisingly, photosynthesis consists of a complex set of many reactions taking place in chloroplasts in the light. However, these reactions divide naturally into two stages.

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