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Examples: photosynthesis and cellular respiration

Since this is the opposite process of cellular respiration.

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This is why oxygen is needed to perform cellular respiration in both plants and animals.

Anaerobic versus Aerobic Respiration:
Aerobic Respiration takes place in the presence of oxygen.

What is respiration endergonic, колистин и колистин натрия применяли в медицине с 1959 года.

The O-2 ions combine to form the diatomic O2 that is released ("Estrella mountain," 2007) and can later be used by the cellular respiration back in the plant or in an animal.

Cellular Respiration Photosynthesis- the process ..


Thus, during cellular respiration one molecule of glucose, as well as oxygen, ADP, and free phosphate are catabolized to yield six molecules of carbon dioxide and an increase in usable energy in the form of eight molecules of ATP.
RUBP & the dark reactions.
*RUBP is ribulose biphosphate it is important to the *Dark reactions (Calvin cycle).

It involves the fixation of carbon dioxide and its reduction to carbohydrate and the dissociation of water, using chemical energy stored in ATP
Using energy and reducing power from ATP and NADPH, these are converted into 3-phosphoglyceraldehyde (3PGAL), which can be used by the plant to manufacture carbohydrates and various other biological molecules and to regenerate RUBP.
Photosynthesis & Cellular respiration.
The Glucose required for cellular respiration is produced by plants.

Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis Lab by Mike …

24/01/2013 · Transcript of Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis Lab

Cellular respiration occurs as a series of chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes, the first of which is *Glycolysis, a series of anaerobic reactions in which glucose (a 6-carbon molecule) is split into two molecules of lactate (a 3-carbon molecule), producing a net gain of two ATP molecules.

According to ("Estrella mountain," 2007)
6H2O+6CO2 ----------> C6H12O6+6O2 represents the process of photo synthesis
C6H12O6+6O2 ----> 6CO2+6H2O+38 ATP represents the process of cellular respiration (Siegle 2004)
These equations show that the oxygen released from photosynthesis is directly used in cellular respiration.

Photosynthesis & Cellular respiration. by Payton Clark …
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  • Biology Concepts for Students: Cellular Respiration DVD

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Photosynthesis/cellular respiration video - YouTube

2 + C6H12O6 ---> 6CO2 + 6H2O + Energy

Oxygen + glucose ---> Carbon Dioxide + water Energy -On a global level, photosynthesis and cellualr respiration are also opposites.
-Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and cellular respiration puts it back into the atmosphere.
-Photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere and cellular respiration uses that oxygen to release energy from food.

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