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Extracorporeal Therapies in Non-Renal Disease: Treatment of Sepsis and the Peak Concentration Hypothesis ..

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AB - Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), a potent neuropeptide, is produced by the placenta of anthropoid primates. No other mammals, including prosimian primates, are known to produce placental CRH. In humans, placental CRH appears to play an important role in the progression of pregnancy to parturition. Maternal circulating CRH begins to rise early in pregnancy and increases until parturition. Gorillas and chimpanzees share this pattern of increasing maternal CRH during pregnancy with humans. In humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas, maternal CRH and estradiol concentrations are correlated, consistent with the hypothesis that CRH is involved in the biosynthetic pathway for placental estrogen production. In contrast, in baboons, maternal circulating CRH rises precipitously early in pregnancy and then declines, though CRH is detectable until birth. This research was designed to investigate the pattern of maternal circulating CRH in the common marmoset during pregnancy. Blood samples were taken across gestation from nine subjects over 11 pregnancies, and the plasma was assayed for CRH. The pattern of maternal circulating CRH in the common marmoset was similar to that of the baboon, with a rapid rise starting at about 50 days postconception and a peak at approximately 70 days postconception. By 110 days postconception, CRH concentration had plateaued at a significantly lower value. The peak and mean values for CRH were associated with fetal number (e.g., females gestating triplets had higher values than females gestating twins). Urinary estradiol showed no association with plasma CRH concentration. Marmosets appear to differ from the great apes in this regard, and to share a pattern of maternal CRH during pregnancy with the baboon, indicating that the baboon and marmoset pattern may be ancestral. The function of the early rapid rise of CRH in baboons and marmosets, and the significance of this difference between monkeys and apes, are not known.

04/01/2018 · In their " peak concentration hypothesis " [22], Ronco et al

The FE to manifest in the public arena and become used by all of humanity, and quickly. If FE does not manifest, of those visions are feasible, as FE will necessarily form their foundation, just as humanity’s energy practices have defined epoch of the human past. Abundant, harmless energy production has never been experienced on Earth before, other than in the GCs’ enclaves, and none of the so-called energy solutions proposed by various parties, from Peak Oilers to environmentalists, have any chance of being both clean and abundant. The “solutions” that they propose are all , which . So-called environmentalists nearly universally treat FE and abundance as the , and I initially could not believe what I was seeing. When I later traded notes with fellow travelers, I discovered that to be the , going back to the 1970s. After many years of looking for various groups to ally with, I had to reluctantly conclude that none exist. There is no group on Earth today, outside of the small FE cottage industry, which gives FE any credence at all, as those groups all do the GCs’ work for them, unwittingly or not. The greatest triumph of the GCs is making FE and a healed humanity and planet , and humanity has readily acquiesced to the conditioning as we .

Extracorporeal Therapies in Non-Renal Disease: …

The training that enabled remote viewings and other psychic feats ruined many scientific careers, as scientists received direct personal experience that the materialistic paradigm that guides mainstream science is false. performing the same exercise in the 1970s. I regarding the human ability to generate a subtle energy that prevents rotting, and was able to , which others have . and advocated a scientific approach to investigating such phenomena. Nearly all of my fellow travelers in the FE field had some kind of experience like that in their late teens or early twenties. Most were scientists or scientists-in-training. When people have experiences such as those, they will never accept the materialistic that dominate mainstream science. The giants of physics, that hardest of the hard sciences, fully realized the orthodox framework’s limitations and all . Many organizations have sought to remedy the affliction of mainstream science that views consciousness as a mere epiphenomenon of brain activity. I at a conference for one such organization. It has been called bridging the gap between science and religion, and other terms. I see it as bringing science and consciousness together. Brian was a speaker at that conference, and his talk’s subject was the need for a new science. Until mainstream science allows consciousness into its paradigm and rejects its materialistic , it will be playing a small game, as the greatest science of all may be the science of consciousness.

The idea of discretionary income is probably the financial economy's closest concept to , and the idea of savings is the financial economy's closest idea to stored energy. As the American middle class has been shrinking, discretionary income has been vanishing. That trend happened in history's richest and most powerful nation during the 40 years since energy consumption began declining. Global oil production peaked in 2006, and the rest of the world's nations will decline like the USA has, but from a far lower initial plateau. Those are the important measures, not financial ones. In a world of scarcity, the exchange function of economics assumes great importance at the social level, as people scrap for their piece of the scarce economic pie. But fighting over slices does not help grow the pie. In a world of abundance, money and financial concepts truly become meaningless.

Peak level | definition of peak level by Medical dictionary

As , those have been the first to starve, and the USA's first taste was the crisis of 1973-1974, as cars sat in gas lines, waiting their turn to get their energy, which happened a few years after American oil production peaked. As of 2014, the USA has largely been spared it, but other industrial nations, or those beginning to industrialize, have suffered brownouts, in which the . That can make cities grind to a halt. Those are effects of a declining energy supply in industrialized nations. Although energy slaves are the first to feel the effects, they suffer in silence. Food shortages are when energy shortages really begin to hurt, literally, as people go hungry, and few suffer that deprivation with equanimity. In the USA in 2014, , in history's richest and most powerful nation, have difficulty staving off hunger.

Those energy concepts are real ones that all economies face, and financial measures only reflect them. In the USA, just , Peak Oil was . In 1973, the first oil crisis hit, and have declined since then. Wages were only a reflection of energy consumption, which also peaked in the 1970s for the USA and by that real wages per hour have. The USA’s declining standard of living since the 1970s was minor compared to the devastation inflicted on developing nations. The was initiated by the oil price shocks of the 1970s. Many nations have yet to recover. When the oil price shocks hit, and other measures were inflicted by Western institutions on developing nations. As people such as , those policies were intentionally used to enslave those nations. On the world stage, the self-image promoted by the West is that of blundering do-gooders. As people such as , it is a false narrative designed to hide corrupt motivation from the outset. It is simply more of that . I have written a great deal elsewhere on , how the resembles fairy tales, how professions and industries have , how the , just like genocidal invasions, were always economically motivated, usually to secure energy resources. This essay does not need to belabor those trends, but anybody not can clearly see that the game being played on the global stage is the same one that has been played: economically exploiting others. Because industrialized civilization is beginning to run out of the energy sources that the West used to industrialize, a universal decline in humanity’s standard of living has begun. The USA has transitioned from the land of opportunity to a deindustrializing economy in which bankers and other capitalists are designed to rob one class in favor of another. The aspect of those machinations is painfully obvious. The mind-control techniques that Orwell and Huxley wrote about have been turned into sciences, and there are even “competitions” between their dystopian visions to see .

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World Energy 2016-2050: Annual Report Peak Oil Barrel

At this juncture, I will ask my readers to perform an exercise that I first saw described by Peak Oil advocate , which is to lay aside data and graphs and just think about how energy makes everything in our daily lives possible. Think about your food, water, mode of transportation, and materials that comprise your home and possessions, and think of the role that energy played in providing them. Think about the energy that you use each day in powering your home and in your transportation, even if it is just walking. Then imagine running out of energy. When you flipped on a light switch, nothing happened. When you turned on the tap, no water came out. Your refrigerator stopped working, food deliveries to your community ceased, and no electricity, oil, gas, coal, or even wind or water power was available. Everything in your life would come to a sudden halt. When people have tried to demote energy below spirituality, social relations, or even made it irrelevant to economics, my question is for them to see what they can forego the longest: prayer/meditation, social interaction, sex, or energy. The fossil fuels burned to power industrial civilization provide several hundred energy slaves for each American and no less than hundreds per person in every industrialized nation. All that those energy-leveraged humans do is direct the energy, like holding the reins of a gigantic beast that each person rides each day. Airline pilots half-joke that they begin their workday by strapping jet airliners to their waists. Without that energy to direct in the myriad ways that industrialized humans use it, modern civilization would come to an abrupt end.

Lead: America’s Real Criminal Element – Mother Jones

When wrote , published in 1851, American whaling expeditions had lengthened from brief excursions near Nantucket to , which hunted the remaining whales. American whaling peaked in 1847, in a classic resource depletion scenario, as whaling’s EROI fell fast. The primary whale “product” was oil for lighting lamps. In 1848, , which began with the . The same year, the , and those seeking the easy money got to California any way they could. The genocide of California’s remaining natives began in earnest, and California’s first governor . The Pacific whaling fleet was crippled when its crews deserted in San Francisco and swarmed into the Sierra Nevada's gold fields.

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