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It was noted in Week’s Two discussion that some of you are currently or possibly in the future being impacted by outsourcing which is creating a “change” situation for you.
Is the corporation that pursues outsourcing, for whatever purpose, being a “good corporate citizen” when it engages the practice of outsourcing in its tactical or sometimes strategic plans?
What ethical implications might there be for a corporation that utilizes outsourcing as part of its delivery of its services or products?

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Abstract: This article addresses the question, "What is the extent to which fiduciary liability may be 'outsourced' in an outsourcing transaction?" It discusses three different approaches: (1) the "traditional" approach, using plan delegation provisions; (2) designating the outsourcer as the "named fiduciary" in the plan document; and (3) providing contractual remedies to allocate the "cost" of any fiduciary liability to the outsourcer.

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Abstract: many plan sponsors are seeking to outsource these duties and associated risks. Because the selection and subsequent monitoring of service providers is a fiduciary duty itself, plan sponsors can never entirely delegate their fiduciary responsibilities. However, plan sponsors may delegate certain fiduciary duties to service providers, usually as a 3(16), 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary.

Abstract: This article reviews the meaning under ERISA of the terms "fiduciary" (ERISA 3(21)), "administrator" (ERISA 3(16)) and "investment manager" (ERISA 3(38)). It then considers, in each case, how those terms are used when discussing outsourcing. Finally, it briefly discusses the significance of these distinctions for purposes of the outsourcing relationship and contracting.

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Abstract: Because a retirement benefit plan, like a 401k or 403(b) plan, requires you to meet an expert standard, more and more employers are outsourcing administration to third parties, sometimes known as fiduciary experts. Done properly, outsourcing can assure that the plan is well managed while relieving you of significant commitments and responsibilities. However, you still have responsibilities.

Abstract: Hiring a 3(38) investment manager is like outsourcing any other HR function. While you have outsourced the work and liability, you cannot step away from the process. You must still monitor the service provider to make sure it is fulfilling its contractual obligations. Article reviews a handful of questions to consider when creating a framework to monitor a 3(38) investment manager.

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Abstract: Given intensifying scrutiny of fiduciaries in the courts and public-square, PSCA encourages readers to understand the nuanced world of fiduciary services, to educate colleagues about the role and importance of the fiduciary, and to lead their organization's through conversations about whether outsourcing fiduciary services will work for the organization.

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Abstract: Many retirement plan sponsors are under-informed about their ongoing fiduciary duty when making decisions regarding their 401k plan. This is a list of items to consider when outsourcing plan oversight responsibilities.

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