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Its Human Origins Program covers all aspects of evolutionary science, with a Hall of Human Ancestors, a family tree, and What’s Hot! in Paleoanthropology which looks at recent findings.

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As we have seen, the explanation LOTH offers depends on theexploitation of the notion of logical form or syntactic structuredetermined by the combinatorial syntax postulated for therepresentational system. The combinatorial syntax not only gives us acriterion of well-formedness for mental expressions, but it alsodefines the logical form or syntactic structure for each well-formedexpression. The classical solution to inferential systematicity is tomake the mental operations on representations sensitive to their formor structure, i.e., to insist on (B2). Since, from a syntactic viewpoint, similarly formed expressions will have similar forms, it ispossible to define a single operation which will apply to only certainexpressions that have a certain form, say, only to conjunctions, orconditionals. This allows the LOT theorist to give homogeneousexplanations of what appear to be homogeneous classes of inferentialcapacities. This is one of the greatest virtues of LOTH, henceprovides an argument for it.

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Barthes' depiction of language as "absolutely terrorist" is much to the point here; he saw that its systematic nature "in order to be complete needs only to be valid, and not to be true." Language effects the original split between wisdom and method.

Language is an invention for the reason that cognitive processes must precede their expression in language. To assert that humanity is only human because of language generally neglects the corollary that being human is the precondition of inventing language.

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The Institute of Human Origins’ web site is a comprehensive site on human origins and has a special segment on the emergence of modern humans.

In the book (1975) in which Fodor introduced the LOTH, he alsoargued that all concepts are innate. As a result, the connectionbetween LOTH and an implausibly strong version of conceptual nativismlooked very much internal. This historical coincidence has led somepeople to think that LOTH is essentially committed to a very strongform of nativism, so strong in fact that it seems to make areductio of itself (see, for instance, P.S. Churchland 1986,H. Putnam 1988, A. Clark 1994). The gist of his argument was that sincelearning concepts is a form of hypothesis formation and confirmation,it requires a system of mental representations in which formation andconfirmation of hypotheses are to be carried out, but then there is anon-trivial sense in which one already has (albeit potentially) theresources to express the extension of the concepts to be learned.

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Regardless of the origin of language

Moreover, there are difficulties with imagistic representationsarising from demands on processing representations. As wewill see below, (B2) turns out to provide the foundations for one ofthe most important arguments for LOTH: it makes it possible tomechanize thinking understood as a semantically coherent thoughtprocess, which, as per (A2), consists of a causal sequence oftokenings of mental representations. It is not clear, however, how anequivalent of (B2) could be provided for images or pictures in orderto accommodate operations defined over them, even if something like anequivalent of (B1) could be given. On the other hand, there are trulypromising attempts to integrate discursive symbolictheorem-proving with reasoning with image-like symbols. They achieveimpressive efficiency in theorem-proving or in any deductive processdefined over the expressions of such an integrated system. Suchattempts, if they prove to be generalizable to psychologicaltheorizing, are by no means threats to LOTH; on the contrary, suchsystems have every feature to make them a species of a LOT system:they satisfy (B).[]

of the origin of human language: the hypothesis of parallel evolution

For the moment, the majority of anatomical, archaeological and genetic evidence gives credence to the view that fully modern humans are a relatively recent evolutionary phenomenon. The current best explanation for the beginning of modern humans is the Out of Africa Model that postulates a single, African origin for Homo sapiens. The major neurological and cultural innovations that characterized the appearance of fully modern humans has proven to be remarkably successful, culminating in our dominance of the planet at the expense of all earlier hominid populations.

2.2 The Origin of Human Language (OB2) | Answers in …

Paleoanthropologist Donald C. Johanson, is professor of anthropology and Director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University. He is best known for his discovery of “Lucy”, a 3.2 million-year old Australopithecus afarensis skeleton he found in 1974 in Ethiopia. His books include Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind and, most recently, From Lucy to Language. Dr. Johanson hosted the Emmy-nominated NOVA television series In Search of Human Origins.

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Proponents of the Multiregional Model, such as Milford Wolpoff, cite evidence in Asia of regional continuity. They see an evolutionary link between ancient Homo erectus in Java right through to Australian aborigines. A possible problem with this view is that recent dating of late surviving Homo erectus in Indonesia suggests that they survived here until 50,000 years ago, which is potentially when fully modern humans may have arrived in the region from Africa.

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