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The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

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Online journal of knowledge synthesis for nursing

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The, online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis publishes integrative.

Volume E10 Worldviews on Evidence-based Nursing presents the archives of Online Journal of …

Written Exercises (21%)

Searching, reading, and synthesizing the literature are important components of knowledge development in nursing science. The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in refining your skills in these areas. After reading each assigned chapter in Pan (2004/latest edition) and Galvan (2004/latest edition), fully answer the questions that are noted in your topical outline. The exercise should be typed with a notation of the chapter and specified question.

Due January 31, 2013; February 22, 2013; March 22, 2013

Annotated Bibliography (20%)

Your task for this assignment is to immerse yourself in the literature in order to determine what theoretical frameworks have been used with your phenomenon of interest within the context of your target population. Your phenomenon of interest could be a disorder or condition (e.g., HIV/AIDS, hypertension, depression, chronic illness, adolescent pregnancy) or a psychosocial or physiological characteristic (e.g., social support, health related quality of life, resilience, family communication patterns, mother-infant attachment, self-esteem). Your target population could be a cultural group (e.g., Hispanic elders, African American women), a diverse group (e.g., urban/rural Cuban Americans, low income women), or a vulnerable group (e.g., incarcerated adolescents, sex workers, IV drug abusers, severely mentally ill adults).

First, conduct a computerized literature search focused on your phenomenon of interest in the context of your target population from scientific, peer reviewed, research journals from a variety of disciplines (no literature reviews [i.e., problem statement/ hypotheses, theoretical framework, design, sampling, methods/instrumentation, analysis in each article]). Then, analyze the literature to determine what theories have been used to study the phenomenon. What theoretical frameworks are appropriate and why? What theoretical frameworks are not appropriate and why? For example, in HIV prevention research, many studies have used theories like the Health Belief Model or Cognitive Behavioral Group Interventions to guide the study. However, these individually based models have not been found to be particularly effective with poor women of color. Empowerment or relationally based frameworks are more effective with this population, given the gender inequalities that are associated with poverty.

Prepare an annotated bibliography including (a) complete reference for each article in APA (2009) format; and (b) a summary of each article including the theoretical framework, research design, sample, methods, findings, limitations, and strengths/major contributions. The annotated bibliography should include no less than twenty (20) articles. At the conclusion of each annotated bibliography, write a short summary addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the theoretical frameworks in general and the degree of appropriateness in relation to your phenomenon of interest and target population. Use the principles from Fawcett (2005/latest edition), Chapters 3 and 11 or pertinent chapters to guide you in your evaluation. The annotated bibliography and summary should be in APA format including a title page, although references are not necessary at the end since a reference is provided above each annotation.

Due April 1, 2013

State of Knowledge Paper (40%)

This scholarly work must represent the breadth, depth, and original thinking of the author. Your paper should clearly explicate the state of the knowledge/science of your particular phenomenon of interest and target population. In order to accomplish this task, you must include the following components. Your introduction should describe the phenomenon and provide a brief outline of the major areas to be presented. Second, identify the components of the literature search (i.e., years searched, key words, databases used, other methods such as hand searches and secondary reference lists from relevant journal articles and research studies). Third, address the historical evolution the viewpoint of different disciplines as well the nursing literature. Fourth, identify at least 3 to 5 conceptual or theoretical and methodological (research) issues/ problems that have arisen in evolution of your phenomenon. Fifth, write a summary addressing the state of the science with respect to your phenomenon in general and implications for research addressing your target population in particular. Your paper should be in APA, 6th edition (2009) format with title page, abstract, subheadings, and references including only primary sources from peer reviewed, scientific journals.

For your presentation, please distribute an outline that addresses the major issues to facilitate the discussion and critique as well as a slide show. The presentation should take approximately 30 minutes. This will be followed by a class discussion. The paper should not exceed 20 pages, excluding title page, abstract, references, tables, and figures.

Due April 18, 2013

Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing, …

Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing - …

Subscribers to the Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing access the journal using GUIDON, a graphical user interface developed by OCLC, or a command-driven ASCII user interface. GUIDON runs in the Microsoft Windows environment on an 80386 or higher PC. It supports searching by subject, title, author, keyword, date, and a full range of Boolean and proximity operators. GUIDON displays full text, figures, tables, and equations in quality that rivals the printed page. The ASCII interface runs on a terminal or PC with software emulating a VT100 terminal.

The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing is OCLC's second electronic journal. In July 1992, the Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, was launched.

OJKSN - Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

It is Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

Nursing as a science revisited

Nursing as a discipline revisited

Synthesis of knowledge supporting the assertion that Nursing is a scientific discipline

Presentation of Students’ State of Knowledge Paper

DUBLIN, Ohio, Jan. 18, 1994--The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing, published by Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Nursing and OCLC, is now available.

The online journal of knowledge synthesis for nursing.
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    Get this from a library! Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing.

  • OJKSN stands for Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

    Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI)

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