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T1 - Combining the preparation of oligonucleotide arrays and synthesis of high-quality primers

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Microarray analysis using disiloxyl 70mer oligonucleotides

Phosphoramidites that allow the generation of oligonucleotides containing site-specific lesions have been vital components for studying the mechanism of DNA repair. New DNA lesions are still being discovered and the study of their biological consequences will require their site-specific incorporation into oligonucleotides. The authors conclude that the increased availability of phosphoramidites for the synthesis of lesion-containing oligonucleotides should facilitate many future discoveries in the broad area of DNA damage and repair.

 Induced cross-linking reactions to target genes using modified oligonucleotides

A directed approach to the delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides specifically to the liver has been to target the asialoglycoprotein receptor (ASGPR) using a suitable glycoconjugate. Indeed, ASGPR is the ideal target for delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides to the liver since it combines tissue specificity, high expression levels and rapid internalization and turnover. The use of oligonucleotide glycoconjugates has led to significant advances in therapeutic delivery as evidenced by the work of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Ionis Pharmaceuticals using multivalent N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) oligonucleotide conjugates.

OligoCalc: an online oligonucleotide properties calculator

It predicts the free energy changes of oligonucleotides binding to a target RNA.

PHUSER offers quick and easy design of PCR optimized primers ensuring directionally correct fusion of fragments into a plasmid containing a customizable USER cassette.

Oligonucleotides of similar size should be combinedin parallel runs since synthesizing many short oligos followed by a longerone is faster than mixing the sets on dual column synthesizers.

Syringe method for stepwise chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides.

A computerized logbook is especially useful and allows for an organized oligonucleotide nomenclaturesuch as R20.17 which refers to Rebecca's 20-mer, the 17th 20-mer made onthe system.

PCRTiler splits the target DNA sequences into smaller regions,and identifies candidate primers for each sub-region by running the well-known program Primer3 followed by the elimination of primers with a high cross-hybridization potential via BLAST.

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  • Covalent attachment of DNA oligonucleotidesto glass.

    This unit augments the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturersof oligonucleotide synthesizers.

  • Oligonucleotide synthesis - Wikipedia

    It uses to design PCR primers and then submits them to BLAST search against user-selected database.

  • Oligos, Primers, Probes & Nucleotides; ..

    This Web server tool automates the design of optimal PCR primers for several distinct USER cloning-based applications.

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We provide a complete range of custom-synthesized oligonucleotide ..

It facilitates DNA assembly and introduction of virtually any type of site-directed mutagenesis by designing optimal PCR primers for the desired genetic changes.

Custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis

It implements an extended CODEHOP strategy based on both DNA and protein multiple alignments of coding genes and evaluates thermodynamic properties of the oligonucleotide pairs, as well as the phylogenetic information content of predicted amplicons,computed from the branch support values of maximum likelihood phylogenies.

DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis | Sigma-Aldrich

By using a supportmatrix such as control pore glass (CPG) with a loading capacity of lessthan 40 mmol/g, yields of long oligonucleotide may be greatly increased;furthermore, the pore size of the support should be 1000 angstrom for >100-mersand 2000 angstrom for 200-mers (Gait, 1986) to alleviate molecular crowdingand steric effects.

but is cleavable from the oligonucleotide at the end of synthesis

Also, very long synthetic oligonucleotides(300-600 bases) have also been synthesized directly, and inspite of incredelylow yields, rare full length products have been successfully amplifiedby PCR (Ciccarelli, R.

PCR when the oligonucleotide serves as a primer.

Glen Research is delighted to introduce a GalNAc modification strategy using a monomeric GalNAc support and the equivalent GalNAc phosphoramidite. Our experimental work has shown that these products are fully compatible with regular oligonucleotide synthesis and deprotection. Oligonucleotides containing GalNAc can be deprotected using standard procedures during which the acetyl protecting groups on the GalNAc group are removed. Glen Research offers these GalNAc C3 products under an agreement with AM Chemicals LLC.

What is an Oligonucleotide? - News Medical

The flexible framework is also open for simple use in other quantification applications, such as hydrolyzation probe design for qPCR and oligonucleotide probe design for quantitative in situ hybridization.

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