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Ocdma Thesis - Romeo And Juliet Research Paper Thesis

Rapid optical code reconfiguration can improve flexibility and security ofthe OCDMA system.

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The impact of WH/TS codes in implementing incoherent OCDMA system ..

and and and and (2014)Analysis EDFA Gain in OCDMA System for Fiber-to-the-Home Network. International Journal of Microwave & Optical Technology (IJMOT), 9 (3). pp. 244-248. ISSN 1553-0396

One of the major requirements for the deployment of OCDMA in networks is integration.

Optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) is a multiplexing technique that has a number of inherent advantages that make it suitable for use in passive optical networks, such as allowing subscribers to transmit information in an asynchronous fashion over a singleoptical fibre. This form of multiplexing can provide a higher degree of flexibility and simplicity in comparison to other techniques. However, due to the asynchronous nature of transmission, OCDMA networks suffer from multiple access interference (MAI) and optical beat noise which severely impairs system performance.A number of solutions have been proposed to mitigate these noise sources. Increasing the optical code lengths used can reduce the level of optical beat noise, however this isgenerally at the expense of transmission speed and increased transmitter complexity. MAI suppression can be achieved through the use fibre-based nonlinear thresholders or optical time-gating. One problem with these solutions is the requirement of long lengths of nonlinear fibre that are susceptible to changes in environmental conditions. Therefore, this thesis focuses on the development and testing of a nonlinear optical receiver based on semiconductor devices for the suppression of noise in OCDMA systems. The nonlinear optical process of two-photon absorption (TPA) in a commercially available 1.3 micron Fabry-P´erot laser is investigated as a method for optical thresholding in an OCDMA system. It is shown that the use of a saturable absorber (SA) directly before the TPA-based detector can provide additional suppression of MAI noise. However, the level of beat noise that is present on the optical signal can be increased due to the nonlinear responses of both devices. As a result, a gain-saturated semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) is demonstrated as a method for the reduction of optical beat noise. It is shown that error-free performance can be achieved in an optical testbed designed to simulate an OCDMA system using an SA-SOA-TPA-based receiver. The performance improvement due to the suppression of MAI and beat noise using an SA-SOA receiver is examined in relation to a current fibre-based thresholding technique; a Mamyshev filter. It is shownthat the SA-SOA receiver can offer a similar level of improvement when compared to the performance of a Mamyshev filter.

Analysis EDFA Gain in OCDMA System for Fiber-to-the …

To compensate the effects of dispersion of Optical CDMA (OCDMA) network with intensity modulation

Then, we have applied the DPMPC to both coherent and incoherent time-spreading OCDMA transceivers and analysed their overall performances. We have also proposed novel transceivers which are power-efficient, simple and able to accommodate great number of simultaneous users. Existing codes have restrictions on code-lengths, weights and correlation properties where the number of generated codes is severely limited. Secondly, we.

Simulations were carried out from the simulator available from Gigasoft, OPTIWAVE.

Key words: BER, Eye Height, Jitter, OCDMA, Optiwave, Q-Factor

[1] Prucnal, P.R., Santoro, M.

added: 28.10.2016 / ocdma thesis

This thesis presents a research study of integrated OCDMA systems using the AlGaInAs/InP semiconductor material system.

Mode-locked lasers play an important role in many OCDMA implementations due to their wide spectrum and discrete temporal properties, which can be easily exploited during data en/decoding.

OCDMA has the potential to exploit the surplus bandwidth of optical fibres and to carry over to the optical domain the benefits seen CDMA radio communication systems, such as the effective sharing of the spectrum for multiple network subscribers, and resistance to jamming and eavesdropping.

The SAC OCDMA-FSO communication system was compared with the FSO system employing ..
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    In this thesis, firstly we have reviewed both previous and current state of optical CDMA (OCDMA) technologies

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    Ocdma thesis

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    (OCDMA) is the multiplexing ..

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NED Univ. of Engineering & Tech.

Full text available as: The rise of photonic integration makes optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) worth revisiting due to its promising role in future all-optical networks.

Performance of SAC OCDMA-FSO communication …

Furthermore, a fully-asynchronous gigabit-symmetric OCDMA passive opticalnetwork (PON) is proposed, in which a self-clocked time gate is employed for signalregeneration.

Thesis and dissertation; UPM ..

To address the security issue as well as increase the transmission capacity, anorthogonal modulation format based on DPSK and CSK is introduced into the OCDMAsystems.

Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) Codec …

This thesis focuses on advanced optical modulations anden/decoding techniques for applications in fast reconfigurable OCDMA systems andsecure optical communications.

Type: Master's thesis Year: 2008 Downloads: 293 ..

Then, two eavesdropping schemes, one-bit delay interference detection anddifferential detection, are demonstrated to reveal the security vulnerability of differentialphase-shift keying (DPSK) and code-shift keying (CSK) OCDMA systems.

Conclusion chapter of PhD thesis - ResearchGate

In this paper, the optimum EDFA gain is analyzed for an optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) at different bit rates for 30 km transmission distance. The Enhance Double Weight (EDW) code is used as a signature address of the system because this code can accommodate more number of simultaneous users under considerable standard Bit-Error-Rate (e.g. ≤ 10E-9). In addition, this system receiver is designed using NAND subtraction technique to produce better signal and increase the bit-error-rate (BER) performance and maintain error floor transmission rate (10E-9). The extensive theoretical and simulation has been taken into the account to carry out analysis. We ascertained from our analysis results that the proposed detention technique significantly improves the signal quality and require low optimum gain of the system. Therefore, this system is considered as a promising solution for Fiber-to-the-Home access network.

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