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He also refers to the Second Crusade, for which "the papacy gave permission," without the slightest indication of what occasioned it, namely the fall of Edessa.

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This, of course, is now what drives Palestinian suicide bombers, who are "martyrs" in Islamist terms and who would certainly agree with Robespierre that, "Terror is naught but prompt, severe, inflexible justice; it is therefore an emanation of virtue." Nevertheless, people who assume that a Palestinian state will fulfill Palestinian "national aspirations" are usually surprised when Palestinians continue to talk of going home to Jaffa or Haifa.

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The Genoese were enough of a "naval power" that in 1298 they captured one of the most famous sons of Venice, Marco Polo (c.1254-c.1324), who found himself imprisoned, which happily gave him the leisure and occasion to describe his travels to someone who could write them up.

[pp.184-185]From this remarkable statement, we gather that Hughes is at least that there an Islamic Conquest, that the Arabs seized "a tract of territory on which none of them had ever lived," that they believed "they had an unquestionable right to it because their...

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The impression grew that this was, in fact, no less than the purpose of Zionism, and opposition began to stiffen, leading to outright revolt in 1936, by which time the Jewish population had risen to about 30% of the total.

His use of Muslim mercenaries, even as the successors of the continued their "maurading" and slaving against the Poles, puts a bit of a lie to the statement of Davies that the Poles and Jagiello were demonstrating that the "Knights' own cult of the Virgin Mary was false." If we see Jagiello as a Renaissance prince, it is not surprising that his actions might parallel the advice of in pursuing what had always been the interests of the Lithuanian monarchy.

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To be sure, the Crusaders in the 12th century displayed a great deal more brutality than the armies of the Caliph 'Umar had in the 7th, with Jews and even Christians as well as Moslems falling in the occasional indiscriminate slaughters; but they also came from what was actually a much more barbarous place.

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Only the conversion of the Lithuanians and the diplomatic revolution occasioned by the marriage of Jagiello to Jadiwga changed the terms of the relationship between the Knights and Poland, with the Poles suddenly part of the now secularized inertial conflict between the Knights and Lithuania.

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