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Nonaqueous synthesis of metal oxide ..

Nonaqueous Synthesis, ..

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Nonaqueous synthesis of metal cyanamide …

A novel nonaqueous route has been applied for the preparation of nanocrystalline magnetite. In a simple one-pot reaction process, iron(III) acetylacetonate was dissolved in benzyl alcohol and treated in an autoclave between 175 and 200 °C. This approach leads to monocrystalline magnetite particles with sizes ranging from 12 to 25 nm, as evidenced by X-ray analysis, HRTEM, and Raman and Mössbauer spectroscopy. The isolated particles can be redispersed either in polar or nonpolar solvents by coating them just after synthesis with undecanoic acid or dopamine. Simple sedimentation after redispersion in hexane can be used to lower the polydispersity of the sample.

Nonaqueous synthesis of Pd-functionalized …

Iron(III) acetylacetonate in benzyl alcohol provides a versatile reaction system for the nonaqueous preparation of iron oxide nanoparticles. The synthetic procedure results directly in the formation of nanometric-sized monocrystals (see HRTEM image) in the range between 12 and 25 nm. The as-synthesized particles are easily redispersed in polar and nonpolar solvents by adding small amounts of stabilizing ligands, avoiding large losses of particles.

Nonaqueous synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of ..

We report the nonaqueous surfactant-assisted synthesis of highly uniform anatase TiO(2) NCs with tailorable morphology in the 10-100 nm size regime, prepared through a seeded growth technique.

()We report the nonaqueous synthesis and magnetic properties of narrowlysize distributed ZnFe2O4 nanocrystals of twodifferent particle sizes by nanoemulsion, of which structure andproperties were investigated by transmission electron microscopy, x-raydiffraction, vibrating sample magnetometry, and physical propertymeasurement system.

Nonaqueous synthesis of uniform polyaniline …

and and and (2016) Inhibiting the Thermal Gelation of Copolymer Stabilized Nonaqueous Dispersions and the Synthesis of Full Color PMMA Particles. Langmuir, 32 (11). pp. 2556-2566. ISSN 0743-7463. E-ISSN 1520-5827. (doi:) (Full text available)

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    Nonaqueous synthesis of Pd-functionalized SnO 2 /In 2 O 3 nanocomposites for excellent butane sensing properties

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    20/08/2004 · Nonaqueous Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Semiconducting Metal ..

  • Nonaqueous synthesis and magnetic properties of …

    "Nonaqueous synthesis …

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