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Musical Analysis and Synthesis in Matlab

Matlab Music Synthesis - YouTube

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Description: music synthesis in matlab

In the second case we just add together the two simple FM spectra, but in the first case we get a more complex mixture involving all the sums and differences of the modulating frequencies. These sum and difference tones ("intermodulation products") are not limited to FM. Anynonlinear synthesis technique produces them. Being non-linear, it must have something that involvesa power of its input other than 0 or 1; if we feed in sin a + sin b, for example, that term will producenot just (sin a)^n and (sin b)^n, but all sorts of stuff involving sin a * sin b (in various powers),and this produces things like cos(a+b) and cos(a-b).For a less impressionistic derivation of the spectrum, see Le Brun,"A Derivation of the Spectrum of FM with a Complex Modulating Wave". The result can be expressed:

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A sound clip of our system processing music in real time is included above (or can be found if your browser does not support it). The clip begins with the angle set initially to zero, then 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and finally back to 0. Then, the angle is swept in 15 degree increments automatically by the system. There are a few noticable discontinuities and clicks, which are mostly a result of the approximations we made implementing the system on a microcontroller with limited computational resources. Much of the highest frequency content is also missing, given our limited sampling frequency. However, the music is still very much recognizable, and the intended effect is produced. We have found that the effect is maximized when listening with over-the-ear headphones (i.e., not earbuds), and may be hard to notice if not using headphones at all.

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This course will prepare students to interview for software engineering and related internships and full-time positions in industry. Drawing on multiple sources of actual interview questions, students will learn key problem-solving strategies specific to the technical/coding interview. Students will be encouraged to synthesize information they have learned across different courses in the major. Emphasis will be on the oral and combination written-oral modes of communication common in coding interviews, but which are unfamiliar settings for problem solving for many students. Prerequisites: or X.

Intermediate level, emphasizing high-quality image synthesis algorithms and systems issues in rendering. Topics include: Reyes and advanced rasterization, including motion blur and depth of field; ray tracing and physically based rendering; Monte Carlo algorithms for rendering, including direct illumination and global illumination; path tracing and photon mapping; surface reflection and light source models; volume rendering and subsurface scattering; SIMD and multi-core parallelism for rendering. Written assignments and programming projects. Prerequisite: 248 or equivalent. Recommended: Fourier analysis or digital signal processing.

This is a matlab music synthesis report in Chinese

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