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BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Photosynthesis and respiration

Related to this and this but not exactly same; could plants do photosynthesis at moonlight or more dim-intensity light?

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Biology - Photosynthesis & Light Flashcards | Quizlet

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But plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and cannot wait in darkness for millions of years.

Keep the light as far from the plants as possible.

With the multitude of strains in the world today and their different reactions to stimuli of all kinds, I would strongly discourage the use of any type of light in a MJ growroom while it is in the darkness cycle.

On one strain you may get away with it, in another you may not.

It's a costly mistake if it ruins a flowering.

Here is an interesting relationship chart on footcandles of light from different sources:

Footcandle Values
Starlight .0001fc
Moonlight .02fc
Overcast daylight 1,000fc
Direct Sun 10,000fc

You can see that direct sunlight is a half million times brighter than moonlight.


Even an overcast day is 50,000 times brighter than moonlight.

Good luck to you man.

If moonlight is technically sunlight, why don't plants ..

That would be a so called moonlight?I've never heard of any kind of light that claims to be "moonlight" or it's equal.

Here's a quote from a Cornell University Botany Dept Admin named David Hershey that discusses the subject of using a green light while in a darkness cycle in regards to plant growth:

"One of the most common misconceptions about photosynthesis is that leaves reflect all the green light and do not use green light in photosynthesis.

None of the photosynthetic pigments absorb green light; as a result, green wavelengths are reflected, which is why plants appear green.

and also, this link is for tool46
Here is a link that gets into light and photosynthesis.

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Flare stars erupt sporadically, with successive flares spaced anywhere from an hour to a few days apart. A flare only takes a a few minutes to reach peak brightness, and more than one flare can occur at a time. Moreover, in addition to bursts of light and radio waves, flares on dim red dwarfs may emit up to 10,000 times as many X-rays as a comparably-sized solar flare on our own Sun, and so flares would be lethal to Earth-type life on planets near the flare star. Hence, Earth-type life around flare stars may be unlikely because their planets must be located very close to dim red dwarfs to be warmed sufficiently by star light to have liquid water (about 0.0042 AU for Wolf 359 with an orbital period of around 8 hours), which makes flares even more dangerous around such stars. In any case, the light emitted by red dwarfs may be too red in color for Earth-type plant life to perform photosynthesis efficiently.

His articles are provided with references to testing procedures and results that prove beyond any doubt that green light is absorbed to the extent of nearly half of it's total, by a plants photosynthetic pigments.

Secondary pigments are advanced study usually performed at college level.

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Finally, he had brought everyone together to photosynthesize as one

is a chemical reaction that happens in the chloroplasts of plant cells. It produces glucose for use by the plant, and oxygen as a waste product. Here are the equations for photosynthesis:

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On a moonless night, with the sun only a memory, the quiet darkness that surrounds us is the perfect viewing environment for the delicate light show put on by tiny organisms. Many people have heard about the magic of bioluminescence, but you can’t quite understand until you see it.

“Wait, What is it?” Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction in living things. The chemical reaction releases energy as light. It is similar to the reaction which occurs when you break a light stick. The organisms you are most likely to see lighting up Tomales Bay in the evening are called dinoflagellates. Dinoflagellates are single celled protists; with some animal characteristics like locomotion and some plant characteristics such as photosynthesis.

Do plants do photosynthesis under moonlight? : …

Plants make their own food by photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide and water react together in the presence of light and chlorophyll to make glucose and oxygen. The glucose is converted into starch, fats and oils for storage. It is used to make cellulose for cell walls, and proteins for growth and repair. It is also used by the plant to release energy by respiration.

moonlight photosynthesis - Miami University

Because of the reflectivity of chlorophyll (A) much green light is reflected away from the plants receptors, but almost half of the available green wavelength is absorbed and used in photosynthesis.

does photosynthesys occurs under moonlight? | Yahoo …

Such rhythms of photosynthesis by reflected light at night--and might Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter sometimes be involved?--would presumably affect whatever might be called a vegetative common experience now infused in every form of life on earth, a deep biological memory, the ore from which the metal for our biological clocks was smelted.And, as long as mass has been mentioned, might not there be a point in seeing if periodic configurations of planets in the sky might by their mass affect the experience of organisms on another planet, say, the earth?

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