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cytochrome c are mobile electron carriers.

the chloroplast electron transport chain consists of several protein complexes and mobile electron carriers.

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What are the electron carriers in photosynthesis

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What molecules serve as electron carriers for photosynthesis
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Ubiquinone has a higher reduction potential than the NADH-Q reductase. Hence, when ubiquinone in the oxidized form comes in contact with the NADH-Q reductase complex (by a random collision), this mobile electron carrier accepts an electron from NADH-Q reductase (i.e., gets reduced). (Note: Because the electron-transport chain has mobile electron carriers, the electron-carriers need not be located next to each other, as they are shown in Figure 8. It is the difference in reduction potential, not spatial arrangement, that causes the electron to flow sequentially from one carrier to another.)

Mobile carriers of Light reaction in higher plants.

Can ATP be considered an electron carrier in the electron transport chain in Photosynthesis
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Cytochrome oxidase also has an important, unique feature that is necessary because it transfers its electrons to O2. O2 has a difficult time picking up one extra electron to form the free-radical species O2-; however, once O2 has accepted one electron it becomes very reactive, and can easily accept more electrons, or participate in other chemical reactions. (A free radical is a group that contains an unpaired electron. Free radicals are extremely reactive.) Many of the chemical reactions that the free radical O2- could participate in, such as the destruction of fatty acids that make up membranes, would be very harmful to the body. Cytochrome oxidase acts as an enzyme to help add the first electron to O2. However, recall that cytochrome oxidase can only transfer one electron at a time to oxygen, and that adding only one electron would result in a dangerous free radical. Hence, the protein must have a mechanism to hold the oxygen in place until all four electrons have been transferred to O2 (i.e., until the oxygen has been reduced completely to H2O), so that the free radical generated after the first electron transfer does not escape and do great harm to the cells. Cytochrome oxidase contains a special bimetallic center consisting of a heme (iron-containing) group in close proximity to a copper atom. Oxygen is trapped between these two metal atoms until it has been completely reduced to H2O. The water molecules that are generated can then exit the protein complex.

Examples of Electron Carriers | Education - Seattle PI

Mobile Electron Carriers Plastocyanin and Ferredoxin, …
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Explain the role of electron carriers in photosynthesis and give ..
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    O 2-Producing photosynthesis is mediated by three trans-membrane protein complexes linked by mobile electron carriers 1

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