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Photosynthesis in Microalgae (PDF Download Available)

" Carbon dioxide fixation by microalgae photosynthesis using actual flue gas discharged from a boiler "

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Comprehensive model of microalgae photosynthesis …

Micro-algae are a group of unicellular or simple multicellular fast growing photosynthetic microorganisms that can conserve CO2 efficiently from different sources, including the atmosphere, industrial exhaust gases, and soluble carbonate salts. Micro-algae act as a major system for converting atmospheric CO2 into lipids under sunlight and increase the output of algal oil. The enzyme acetyl Co-A carboxylase (ACCase) from micro-algae catalyses the key metabolic step in the synthesis of oil in algae.

Influence of light and other factors on photosynthetic activities of Antarctic marine microalgae

This article documents the synergetic interaction between oxygenic photosynthesis (microalgae; cathode) and anoxygenic photosynthesis (photosynthetic bacteria; anode) toward bioenergy and biomass generation apart from wastewater treatment using a dual chambered biophotovoltaic cell. Microalgae as the biocathode negate the requirement of an external terminal electron acceptor as they can be efficient in situ oxygenators that facilitate the oxygen reduction reactions. Experiments were performed in a fed batch mode using designed synthetic wastewater at variable organic loading rates in the anodic chamber and domestic sewage as feed in the cathodic chamber with a retention time of 72 h. Operation at OL3 (1500 mg/L) showed maximum power output (0.7 V; 103 mW/m2). Anodic chamber showed a maximum substrate (COD) degradation efficiency of 81%, while the cathode showed a constant COD removal efficiency of 90%. Maximum microalgal lipid productivity of 20% was observed at OL4 and OL5. The designed biophotovoltaic cell provided a synergistic interaction between photosynthetic bacteria (anoxygenic photosynthesis) and microalgae (oxygenic photosynthesis) which facilitated multiple benefits viz., bioelectricity generation, biofuel production, CO2 sequestration and wastewater treatment along with in situ generation of oxygen as terminal electron acceptor.

on the microalgae photosynthesis …

This study aimed to elucidate what occurs during microalgal photosynthesis under UV-B stress.

The microalgae liquid growth parameter control unit (2) is a regulatory device workshop for the maintaining the demanding conditions of the photosynthesis reaction greenhouse unit (1).

Matsumoto, H., Shioji, N., Hamasaki, A., Ikuta, Y., Fukuda, Y., Sato, M., Endo, N. and Tsukamoto, T. (1995) Carbon dioxide fixation by microalgae photosynthesis using actual flue gas discharged from a boiler. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 51/52, 681-692.

Photosynthesis Lab Using Microalgae - Ms. Kallin's Website

In the present study, the model marine microalga Dunaliella salina was exposed to UV-B enhancement (0.25–1.00kJm−2d−1), and its photosynthetic processes, including light and carbon reactions, were analyzed.

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    of microalgae photosynthesis rate as a function of culture conditions in photobioreactors

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