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Requirements for the Master of Science Degree

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Time Limits for the Master's Degree

Master students from outside the Netherlands please note:
You are admitted with an individual program. This means that you have to pass some extra undergraduate (minor/pre-Master) courses up to a maximum of 20 credit points. You are allowed to include these courses in the free electives' space of your Master program.

4. Procedures and Regulations governing the Master's Thesis

Mobility is an aspect of growing relevance in our daily lives. It acts as 'the economy's backbone' by supporting other sectors throughout the economic system. Many studies, e.g. IBM smart cities study in Brussels, have shown that Brussels is lagging behind compared to other capital cities . The objective of the MA thesis is to compare and assess existing open source traffic simulators.

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Normal Maximum - 3 years; permission for additional time must be requested from the Graduate School via the Vice Chair for Graduate Studies.

ii. Complete the Master's Thesis Committee form. This form can be obtained from the Graduate Psychology Office, Psychology Building, Busch Campus, or on line (). The completion of the form includes obtaining the concurrence and signature (to indicate that concurrence) of the Clinical Area Coordinator. The Graduate Director (Department Chair) will notify you of the approval of your Committee. The form is then filed in the office of the Vice Chair for Graduate Studies.

i. The Committee normally consists of a Chairperson and two members. They must all be either members or associate members of the Graduate Faculty, according to the most current list of members maintained by the Psychology Department (accessible to faculty via the SAS Psychology Dept Sakai site and maintained by Donna Tomaselli, Senior Department Administrator). Students may nominate one additional member of the thesis committee who is not a member of the Graduate Faculty of Psychology. In this case, however, there must still be three members of the Graduate Faculty on the committee, bringing the total number of members to four. The student must submit a current curriculum vita of that person and a brief statement on the reason this person would be useful on the Committee. All outside Committee members must satisfy the criteria for associate membership on our Graduate Faculty. If fewer than two members of the committee are Psychology Department faculty, the committee chair must write a memo explaining why departmental faculty are not appropriate, and why selected committee members are appropriate and this must be approved by the Clinical Area Coordinator and Vice Chair for Graduate Studies.

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The Master’s Thesis

The Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) offers a total of six degrees at the master's and doctoral levels. Students interesting in applying to a CIS graduate program can look at the or a list of . Please note that none of our graduate programs have an online or distance learning component. Students interested in the master's programs offered by the Department can view video presentations and tours of our labs . Faculty research presentations can be viewed .

The J.P. Eckert Fellowship will provide five new master's students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents $10,000 towards tuition & fees. for more information.

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iii. Obtain an Application for Admission to Candidacy form and submit it to the Chairperson of your Committee. (Be sure that you have completed at least 24 course credits and 6 research credits required for the Master's Degree.)

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ii. The thesis defense affords the faculty an opportunity to focus on the students’ in depth understanding of the theories, mechanisms, methodology, research design, statistics, and/or research, theory, and practice implications of the research conducted. Thesis presentations should be limited to the typical 20 minute period of time given to research presentations at conferences, allowing more time for extended conversations about students’ understanding of what they have done and an assessment of their ability to articulate that understanding.

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iv. The Chairperson will record the results of the final examination on this form signing Part II - A and C, or B. The “final examination” is the final decision of the Master’s Committee to accept or reject the thesis. Final acceptance or rejection of the thesis may be based solely on an evaluation of the written thesis, or an evaluation of both the written thesis and an oral defense of the thesis. It is then your responsibility to have it signed by the other members of your Committee.

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i. The clinical area requires an oral defense of the thesis. Prior to the defense, all members of the thesis committee must be given a written or electronic copy of the thesis for review and approval. Committee members must be given sufficient time to review the thesis (usually two weeks), and the student should anticipate feedback and recommendations for revisions from committee members at the defense. All Committee members must approve the thesis before the thesis is considered completed.

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d. Submission of the thesis to the Graduate School is done electronically. Your thesis must be converted to a PDF file and then submitted online . Additionally, submission of one hard copy of the Master's thesis is required by the Department. A booklet entitled "Style Guide for Thesis and Dissertation Preparation" may be obtained from Room 203, Psychology Building, Busch Campus. You are required to submit an abstract not exceeding 350 words.

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