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Master thesis biogas - Jef Nascimento

has done her Masters in Biotechnology from the Kerala Agricultural University and was the university topper in 2014.

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He has joined IITB-Monash research academy to work on "Catalytic Conversion of Algal Biomass into Tar Free Synthesis Gas by Reaction Flash Volatilisation" under supervision of Prof Yogendra Shastri (IITB) and Prof Akshat Tanksale (Monash University).

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The oil is mainly used as biodiesel for energy. The cake can be used for fish or animal feed (if detoxified), biomass feedstock to power electricity plants, or as biogas or high-quality organic fertilizer (Figure 7) (Achten et al. 2008; Ghosh et al. 2007; Patolia et al. 2007; Wani et al. 2006). It can also be used as a bio-pesticide and for medicinal purposes (Heller 1996; Figure 7).

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She spent brief amount of time in Bacteriophage research, its application in bio-control and as therapeutic agent for a master's thesis.

Several propagation methods can be used, such as direct seeding, transplanting, direct planting (cutting), or tissue culture (Freitas and Barjona 1906). Direct planting by cutting decreased the time of production as compared to direct seeding or transplanting (Table 1). However, it does not produce a good tap root, which is why this is not the method used by most growers. Propagation through seed (sexual propagation) leads to genetic variability in terms of growth, biomass, seed yield, and oil content. This is because there is no certified seed production in Jatropha. Low seed viability and poor germination also limit seed propagation. Vegetative propagation has been achieved by stem cutting, grafting, and budding as well as by air layering techniques. The cuttings should be taken preferably from juvenile plants and treated with 200 mcg.l-1 of rooting hormone indole butyric acid (IBA) to ensure the highest level of rooting for the cutting (Noor Camellia et al. 2009). The optimal stem for cutting is 0.08 inches (2.0 mm) in diameter and 1.0 ft (30.4 cm) in length. The stem pieces can be cut from the mother plant and planted at any time of the year. If it is planted during a dry period, irrigation is required.

ESC 509 Resource Conservation for Energy, Fuel and Chemicals (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 8
(Enerji, Yakıt ve Kimyasallar için Kaynak Korunumu)
Energy and the material resources of the Earth. Impacts of energy consumption on ecosystem quality, human health and material welfare. Biomass and its potential as a substitute for fossil fuels. Process of converting waste biomass to gaseous and liquid fuels and value-added chemicals. Integrated energy production systems from various forms of waste. Multidisciplinary approach in resource conservation and energy efficiency.

Ahmed studied at the Arava Institute from 2011 until 2012

She then pursued her post graduate degree course from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and received a Masters in Biotechnology.

High DM fermentation issues:
Mass transfer.

Combustion: -0.973
Ethanol fermentation
No inhibition
Mass transfer issues
Figure 1.4
Figure 2.6
Figure 2.9
Figure 2.10
Table 2.4
Figure 1.3
Figure 3.7
Figure 3.10
Figure 3.11
Figure 4.2
Figure 4.3
Figure 4.9
Figure 4.10
Figure 6.2
Figure 6.3
Figure 6.6
Table 7.1
F1 showed the best potential for hydrolysis of SCG.

Application with native mannanases and commercial cellulases did not reveal synergy effect.

The highest efficiency of total sugars release (8.72%) was not sufficient to use enzymes in the biorefinery.
Synergy effect was observed.
High VFA concentrations in samples with high content SCG.
Both factors had significant, negative influence.

Ahad, B., Z. A. Reshi, H. Rasool, W. Shari, and A. R. Yousuf. 2014. "Jatropha curcas: A Prospective Energy Crop." In Biomass and Bioenergy, edited by K. R. Hakeem, M. Jawaid, and U. Rashid, 289–306. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. PSO (Pakistan State Oil). 2010. "Progress Report on PSOs' Biodiesel Initiative for the Promotion of Biodiesel in Pakistan." Accessed August 25, 2011. .

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  • Jatropha is a small tree with smooth gray bark

    grocery stores, service entation of FOV Biogas and the purpose of this master thesis

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The bark discharges a white, watery latex when cut

ESC 577 Systems Modeling for Environmental Dynamics (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 6
(Çevresel Dinamikler için Sistem Modellemesi)

Principles and methods of dynamic systems modeling. Feedback concepts and casual loop diagrams. Structure and behavior of environmental systems. Simulation analysis and validation of dynamic models. Modeling for management and for learning. Modeling and simulation of mass transport. Energetic factors and chemical reactions in the environment. Population dynamics, biogeochemical and eco-toxicological models. Modeling human behavior and man-nature interactions. Spatial dynamic models. Recent developments in ecological and environmental modeling. Non-linearity and abrupt change in environmental systems.

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ESC 554 Biofuels (3+0+0) ECTS 8

Biomass-to-bioenergy topics; science and technology and environmental, economic, and social issues. Energy resources, and their potential for alternative, carbon-neutral biofuels. Global energy status reports. Biological solar energy capture. Overview of metabolic pathways for potential biofuel synthesis.

Energy Globe Award / Project database

Meng, Y. T. 2009. "The Economics of an Alternative Bio-Energy Feedstock – The Case of Jatropha curcas L." Master's thesis. Manhattan: Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics.

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Vincent Kienzler and Alexandre Laure founded Green Bio Energy as a sustainable social enterprise to promote access to cheap and environmentally-friendly cooking fuel. There are already a number of communities that turn biomass into charcoal, and there goal is to train more people, to improve the quality of the briquettes and to enlarge the distribution network.

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