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In both stories Mark Twain renamed the story’s town St.

Petersburg, a fictitious place supposedly reminiscent of the town of Hannibal, Missouri the place where Mark Twain grew up.

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The author of this story is Mark Twain.

Mark Twain died on April 21, 1910, leaving behind his great collection of books and stories which are studied and taught even today in many schools and colleges of America and also many other countries of the world.

It is the fifth most challenged book in United States history (About Mark Twain).

In the following paper, we will see if Mark Twain used this to show a true emotional bond between Huckleberry Finn and, the negro, Jim or if he used them to make the statement that these two races could live as one....

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Huck gave it all his best, and was able to avoid mob mentality and go with his instincts, which were proved the most logical ones, and helped him make a friend out of it.

Mark Twain is an exceptional writer.

All the above leads to the conclusion that since his boyhood, Mark Twain was convinced that telling a story without humour is like offering a meal without salt. That story would not be tasty. Thus, humour made Mark Twain not a “simple fictionist but a humorous fictionist.”

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From the above, one realizes that the whole novel concentrates on Huck’s smartness which Twain used to point out the evils of society. Moral improvisation will be considered in more detail in . Twain’s comment on Huck that he was “a boy with a sound heart but with corrupt conscience” provides us with a conclusion to this section, and leads us to other vices that Twain satirized, notably swindling, drunkenness and materialism. But before that let us have a glance at humour which Twain used to denounce the above mentioned vices.

Mid-19th century American frontier society had many vices including “swindling”. That is why Mark Twain ferociously attacked it using a twelve-year-old witness. Timothy Dwight threw more light on what the frontier was like when he wrote:

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In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, ..

It is not by accident that Mark Twain refused to continue his work with Tom Sawyer as the main character. He told his editor that Tom Sawyer would not be good for what he intended to write about. He rather needed a profane, less cultured, uneducated, powerless, natural and honest twelve-year-old boy to make him observe society and criticize it. Huck Finn’s smartness can be studied under two main forms, namely his lies and his moral improvisation.

A study of the social criticism in the essays of Mark Twain

Here is the situation that Mark Twain wanted to denounce by creating the characters of the King and the Duke. They represent all those worthless and unprincipled frontiersmen who spent their lifetime gaining money by dishonest means.

Critical analysis essay of The Damned Human Race by Mark Twain ..

To illustrate the above, let us study the most spectacular swindling scene which is, doubtless, the stay at the Wilks’ (-). The swindlers managed to disguise themselves as the Wilks’ relatives and convinced the legal heirs to sell their heritage. All their plans would have worked smoothly if the smart Huck had not hidden the money and warned the Wilks. Here, Mark Twain gave Huck the task to observe, judge and opt for the right cause as it is always the case throughout the novel.

The Center for Mark Twain Studies ..

Twain’s goal while writing Huck Finn was to denounce some evils that existed in the then American society, especially on the frontier. To achieve this, he used satire which, by the way, has become the major quality of his work as Bernard De Voto states:

Since completing his master’s thesis on Mark Twain’s ..

Drunkenness was another evil that mark Twain intended to satirize in his . The reason is to be found in his early life in Hannibal, for almost all he denounced was part of his own experience.

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Furthermore, mark Twain denounced violence and murders resulting from drunkenness. The case of the King in , who, after selling Jim for forty dollars, got drunk and fought with the Duke, is a good example. But the most tragic example is in Chapter XXI, in which a town drunkard named Boggs, who harassed Colonel Sherburn with insults was shot dead by the latter. Huck Finn who witnessed the scene described it as follows:

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