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Building A Simple AI Chatbot With Web Speech API And …

Readthewords is an online text to speech reader that supports various of voices.

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A New Day for 3CX: Free Text-to-Speech Apps from …

Text to Voice is the best TTS plugin for FireFox, it gives you the ability to convert text in Firefox to speech, select some text and click the icon on add-on bar, this plugin will speak the selected text for you immediately, you can download the speech as audio file in mp3 format if you like.

Top 25 Free Online Apps To Convert Text To Speech / Voice

Next, click the Menu icon which is displayed as three horizontal bars on the left side of the web page. Choose Watson. Click Create Watson Service and select Text to Speech from the applications listing. Watson will generate a new TTS service template and display it. Make certain that your Region, Organization, and Space are shown correctly. Then verify that the Standard Pricing Plan is selected. When everything is correct, click the Create button.

AwesomeTTS (text-to-speech playback / recording) - …

Chrome Speak enables to speak selected text in Chrome browser with different rate, pitch and volume.

And you thought you needed an Asterisk® PBX for your users to enjoy GPL text-to-speech applications such as current News Headlines and Weather reports from the convenience of their telephone. Well, move over Asterisk. PIAF5™ and 3CX® now offer virtually identical functionality with all of the terrific advantages that a commercial-quality PBX provides: reliability, support, updates, security, and an unmatched UC platform that is second to none.

There is no 3CX support for interactive TTS or STT applications (yet). So we’re doing the next best thing. Once or more a day, we will use cron jobs to retrieve the latest News Headlines and Weather reports for your local area. Then anyone on your 3CX PBX can pick up a phone and listen to the News Headlines by dialing 951 or U.S. weather forecasts by dialing 947, or worldwide weather forecasts from by dialing 949. We’ll be using IBM’s awesome TTS engine to handle the text-to-speech chores. We think you will agree that IBM’s offering is the best in the business. And you can’t beat the price. After your first free month, you get a million characters of FREE text-to-speech synthesis every month forever! For ApiXU worldwide weather data, your first 2,500 queries from 3CX are also FREE every month.

HTML5 introduces the Speech API for Speech Synthesis and ..

Neospeech provides a high-quality, natural-sounding, text-to-speech app powered by VoiceText, which is different from robotic voices.

Online-Convert is a free online service that enables you to convert videos, audios, images, documents or eBooks from one format to another, to my surprise, it supports converting text file to audio file in mp3, wav, m4a, ogg, aac, aiff, flac, opus and wma format, the conversion speed is incredibly rapid! Besides that, you can customize the audio bitrate, audio frequency and audio channels of the output audio.

SpeakIt is an extension for Chrome browser which enables you to generate speech from selected text, it supports 3 TTS engines: iSpeech, native and SpeakIt, in addition, users can customize the volume level, speaking rate( 1 to 150 words/minute ), and voice type( US English Female, US English Male, European French Female, etc. )

I want to convert text to an audio file containing synthesised speech that reads out that text
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  • Firefox and the Web Speech API – Mozilla Hacks - the …

    Firefox and the Web Speech API

  • vozMe - From text to speech (speech synthesis)

    Speech Synthesis API is ..

  • vozMe: From text to speech (speech synthesis)

    Chrome 33 beta arrives with Custom Elements, Speech Synthesis API, and Web payments for Mac

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product overview - Acapela group - Voice synthesis - Text to Speech …

Bing Translator is an alternative to Google Translate, it could speak the translated text for you, you can set the source language type equal to the target language type to let it not to translate your text.

18/10/2011 · New Text-to-Speech API for Chrome ..

NaturalReader is available on Windows and Mac, its online demo can read any text with natural sounding voices, and you are allowed to change voice or adjust speed.

Implementing Text-to-Speech - Xamarin

The Text-to-Speech demo of AT&T Natural Voices allows to speak US English, UK English, IN English, Spanish, German, French and Italian online for free, the audio can be downloaded as wav format.

platform's native text-to-speech API

This free online text to speech converter enables to produce mp3 file from text with ease, it supports 4 voice types: American Male 1, American Male 2, American Female, Scottish Male.

REMOVED support for Shared Workers, Web Speech Synthesis API, ..

Another online text to voice converter and text to mp3 converter. vozMe enables users to add a speech synthesis bookmarlet to the browser, just drag and drop the bookmarklet to the toolbar to install it, select any text in the browser( e.g. Firefox, Chrome ) and press the bookmarklet to listen to the text.

Is there a way to get text to speech for iBooks? - Quora

This Text-To-Speech service is able to speak up to 1000 characters at one time, it will highlight the current word being spoken with red color, this makes it easy to know how to pronounce each word in a paragraph.

Is there a way to get text to speech for iBooks

iSpeech is a simple yet customizable website to speak any text dynamically, it has a straightforward and easy to follow user interface, type any text and select the voice speed as well as voice type, then press the play button to hear the human-sounding voice instantly.

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