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thesis, the following guide may help.

It should contain a summary of the work you propose to carry out and the motivations you can cite for performing this work.

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Combined Major in CS & Mathematics

Zachary Kissinger, M.A. 2015
The Consequences of Paradox: Gravitating Bodies and Spatiotemporality in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves
Thesis Committee: Colin Milburn (Chair), Mark Jerng, Desiree Martin

If you solved the specific problem described in Chapter 1,you should explicitly say so here.

Ian Afflerbach, M.A. 2013
Thesis: Blind Judgment: Liberalism in the Rhetoric and Reception of Richard Wright’s Native Son
Thesis Committee: Mark Jerng (dir.), Matthew Stratton, Nathan Brown

Honours Combined Major in CS & Mathematics

If the committee members are all satisfied with the thesis, you are ready to submit!

If the student is planning to submit near the end of a semester, the supervisor should line up an external well in advance. If you wait until the end of term approaches, many candidates for external will already be too busy to be available. You also need to keep in mind that the external must be given at least two weeks to read an M.A. thesis. It’s usually appropriate to contact a potential examiner about the time that a complete draft of the thesis is being sent to the committee for the first time. Don’t forget to make it clear that we cannot bring external examiners to Regina for the defense, but that we will pay the expenses of teleconferencing or Skyping in an examiner from elsewhere.

In any event, once the manuscript is complete, the committee must be consulted, and it is usual to allow a month for the committee to review the complete manuscript, especially if the readers have not seen any part of the thesis in advance. Once the revisions suggested by the committee have been reviewed and acted on by the student in consultation with the supervisor, then the revised thesis is re-submitted to the committee for review of the changes.

The Department of English offers three different graduate programs:

It is important to follow FGSR’s guidelines for the selection of an external examiner:

Electrocardiography (ECG) is a routine diagnostic method for all young ischemic stroke (IS) patients, although the relevance of its findings is as yet poorly known. A diagnostic work-up to reveal etiology in a young IS patient includes many cardiac diagnostic methods, as finding a high-risk source of cardioembolism (HRCE) will influence the secondary prevention after IS, and also provide...

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an immune-mediated disease that affects ~0.7% of children in Finland. Its incidence is the highest in Finland worldwide. The proposed etiology of T1D is both genetic and environmental. Many of these etiological factors are shared between other autoimmune diseases (AIDs) and, accordingly, these diseases co-occur in patients with T1D and their relatives. This thesi...

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  • Whether it is a master’s dissertation, M.

    This chapter should also explain the motivations for solving each of the general problem and your specific problem.

  • Name of the Department: Faculty of Physiotherapy

    Program (Thesis Route)

  • An Evaluation of WRF-Chem Model over the Indian Domain

    Thesis Example 1

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Performance of geosynthetic encased stone columns: A numerical study

Organizations are transforming their traditional office settings to hot-desking office due to pressure to reduce costs and modernize their working practices and external images. Although organizational change has been acknowledged as an interactional accomplishment involving discursive activities, prior studies on spatial change have failed to address the discursive processes of such cha...

Finite element study on the behaviour of buried flexible pipelines

bservations have been and are an important part of today's meteorological developments. Surface observations are very useful as they are, providing weather information for a point location. Though they do not give much information, if any, on what happens between the stations across a larger area. With models one can create an analysis of the meteorological situation, i.e. calculate and ...

Investigation of the Extrapolation Ability of ANN Hydrologic Models

Freshwaters harbour disproportionally high biodiversity in relation to their area. Yet, they are among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth due to the increasing anthropogenic pressures. The ongoing climate change and Holocene extinctions give rise to an increasing need for conservation efforts in order to avoid future species losses. Successful conservation attempts require a compreh...

Hydraulic Investigation for the Breaching of Kosi River Embankment

This study reconstructs the textual and editorial history of Josh 24 and related texts (most notably Josh 5:2–9 and Judg 2:6–9) as a case study for understanding the ancient editorial processes that produced the Hebrew Bible. It focuses on the documented evidence of editing; that is, variant versions of the same text. An analysis of the differences between the Septuagint (LXX) and the Ma...

Effect of heat on thermo mechanically treated reinforcing steel Bars.

The study of nō theatre, a 14th century traditional Japanese performing art form, has focused primarily on the classical plays, while no extensive studies of the new nō plays or shinsaku nō have been made in Western scholarship. Since all nō plays, classical and new, are theatrical scripts that adapt their themes and characters from literary or other sources, they are viewed in this stud...

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