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Diploma/Degree: Degree Course Duration: Two year Full-time

This course examines organizational concepts, theories, and behavior relevant to Nurse Administration, management and health care delivery systems. Major topics include management principles, organizational processes, conflict and change process. Discussion will include management philosophy, structure, legal and ethical concerns.
Prerequisites: ( and and and ).

College of Nursing Prairie View A & M University

The students of the MPhildegree program in business management are required to complete the following four core courses with a total of 12 credit hours.

M.A. International Studies - Old Dominion University

Master of Business Administration at Iqra University is equivalent to a Masters in Philosophy and makes you eligible to enter the three year Ph.D. programme. The diversity of this higher-level programme reflects the strong integration of the university and the corporate sector, where every single course has been shaped and reshaped to cater for the present and future business needs. It offers considerable options to students, thereby adequately preparing them for a variety of careers in both the public and private sectors. The specialization courses allow students to focus on the functional areas of their choice and seek broader knowledge in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, E-Business, Banking and Information Technology. Each MBA course has industry-integrated projects, case studies and workshops supervised through the faculty which represent the top corporate heads and experts of relevant areas. Thus our graduates are well prepared to deal effectively with complex and ever-changing business environment.

The programme will enable the participants to develop a good understanding of accounting, finance, money, banking, management and marketing and to understand the role of these factors in economic development.

Regina Karp, Graduate Program Director

The central purpose of Distance Education at Prairie View A&M University is the elimination of geographical distance and time as barriers to access to quality courses and programs. Current course offerings include accounting, education administration, counseling, community development, communications, computer science, curriculum & instruction, economics, educational foundation, educational leadership, English, finance, human development, history, health, juvenile justice, psychology, mechanical engineering, management, marketing, management information systems, nursing, political science, sociology, Spanish, speech, special education and supervision.

Specialization coursesprovide broad knowledge in each of three fields or tracks, (Marketing, Finance, and Management) and are mandatory. Students choose one of the three fields and must complete two specialization courses in that field. Direct study I & II expose the students to the latest research and theoretical orientations in his area of specialization.

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    - University of Delhi

  • Family Economics, Experimental Economics, ..

    Doctorate - Wikipedia

  • Default Risk, Risk Management, Financial Hedging: Safyan Majid.

    Management | MorphoSys AG

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Management PhD and MPhil — University of Leicester

This course focuses on economics and financing in health care delivery systems. Major topics include budget preparation and fiscal management within an organizational structure. Emphasis will be placed on the use of databases, spreadsheets and other software applications to the budgetary process. Insurance providers, impact of consumers, cost and benefits, state and federal regulations, legal and ethical issues will also be included.
Prerequisites: ( and ).

30/12/2017 · Apply for a PhD or MPhil in Management

This course is part of a two semester sequence with stipulated guidelines and required of all DNP students. The course focuses on the initial development of a capstone project including review of problem statement, review of the literature, objective, project activities, project timeline, resources, and evaluation strategies. It also includes process and outcome evaluation, budget development, and measurement tools. The project may include financial/management, clinical, or educational components as appropriate. The project will be developed under the supervision of the student's DNP project committee. May be repeated. If in progress "IP" grade received, continuous registration and enrollment in this course are required until course requirements are completed.

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