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Fallis, A. G. and Tessier, P. E. 2003. 2-Iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX). e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis. .

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2-Iodoxybenzoic acid - Wikipedia

Nucleotide Anti-SUV (UV adsorbent) 4-Iodobenzoic acid NO.: CU0225 Product name : 44-Iodobenzoic acid--Changzhou United Chemical Co., Ltd ...

2-Iodobenzoic acid, or o-iodobenzoic acid, is an organic compound with the formula IC 6 H 4 COOH

Preparative Methods: not commercially available. IBX was first synthesized in 1893, and is the penultimate precursor of the Dess-Martin periodinane reagent. IBX is prepared by the slow addition (0.5 h) of (76.0 g, 0.45 mol) to a rapidly stirred mixture (0.73 M, 730 mL) containing (85.2 g, 0.34 mol). The reaction temperature is maintained below 55 °C until addition is complete. The reaction mixture is heated to 65 °C for 3.6 h. The flask is cooled to 0 °C, and the solid is filtered and washed with water (1000 mL) and ethanol (2 × 50 mL) to afford IBX in 93–98% yield. An additional ether wash (3 × 50 mL) is beneficial. Other oxidants such as , , or oxone can also be employed.

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1, 506 RTECS# : DH2975000 « 3-Iodobenzoic Acid 4-Iodobenzoic Acid » Page Top Privacy Policy Terms ...

Nucleotide Anti-SUV (UV adsorbent) 4-Iodobenzoic acid NO.: CU0223 Product name : 44-Iodobenzoic acid--Changzhou United Chemical Co., Ltd ...

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2-Iodobenzoic Acid ...

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  • Carboxylic acid synthesis by oxidation of alcohols

    2-Iodobenzoic acid - Wikipedia

  • Carboxylic acid synthesis by oxidation of alkenes or alkines

    IBX or 2-iodoxybenzoic acid is an organic compound used in organic synthesis as an oxidizing agent

  • 2-iodobenzoic acid - WikiVisually

    The synthesis of 6-bromo-2-arylindoles starting from readily available 2-iodobenzoic acid is presented

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