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The Use of Allyl and Vinyl Glycosides in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

The invention provides reagents, reagent kits and methods for solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis.

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Oligosaccharide Synthesis and Combinatorial Carbohydrate …

In the colon they selectively stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria.
This thesis provides an overview of historical and current literature on the synthesis of (galacto-)oligosaccharides and describes the enzyme (beta-galactosidase) and the mechanism of synthesis.

T1 - Solution- and solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis using glucosyl iodides

The two main objectives of this dissertation are 1) to develop biocatalysts for oligosaccharide synthesis by engineering ATCC 31749 and 2) to determine what factors affect poly- and oligosaccharide production in this Agrobacterium strain.

Orthogonal Glycosylation Strategy in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

T1 - Divergent heparin oligosaccharide synthesis with preinstalled sulfate esters

A new method for oligosaccharide assembly that combines the advantages of one-pot synthesis and fluorous separation is described. After one-pot glycosylations are completed, a fluorous tag is introduced into the reaction mixture to selectively "catch" the desired oligosaccharide, which is rapidly separated from non-fluorous impurities by fluorous solidphase extraction (F-SPE). Subsequent "release" of the fluo-rous tag and F-SPE achieved the purification of the desired oligosaccharide without the use of time- and solvent-consuming silica gel chromatography. Linear and branched oligosaccharides have been synthesized with this approach in just a few hours (for the overall oligosaccharide assembly and purification process).

Traditional chemical synthesis of heparin oligosaccharides first involves assembly of the full length oligosaccharide backbone followed by sulfation. Herein, we report an alternative strategy in which the O-sulfate was introduced onto glycosyl building blocks as a trichloroethyl ester prior to assembly of the full length oligosaccharide. This allowed divergent preparation of both sulfated and non-sulfated building blocks from common advanced intermediates. The O-sulfate esters were found to be stable during glycosylation as well as typical synthetic manipulations encountered during heparin oligosaccharide synthesis. Furthermore, the presence of sulfate esters in both glycosyl donors and acceptors did not adversely affect the glycosylation yields, which enabled us to assemble multiple heparin oligosaccharides with preinstalled 6-O-sulfates.

Strategies in Oligosaccharide Synthesis - ScienceDirect

However, whole-cell oligosaccharide synthesis employing common microorganisms like E.

The listed companies offer synthesis of biomedical carbohydrates including oligosaccharides, neoglycoproteins, neoglycolipids, trichloroacetimidates, thioglycosides, glycals and amino sugars.

We have experience in synthesising a wide range of carbohydrate derivatives including azasugars, oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, nucleosides, metabolites and natural products.

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  • Glycosylation Methods in Oligosaccharide Synthesis. …

    Both of these engineering efforts led to increased oligosaccharide synthesis in the Agrobacterium biocatalyst.

  • Recent Developments in Oligosaccharide Synthesis: …

    03/11/2000 · Solid-Phase Oligosaccharide Synthesis and Combinatorial ..

  • Strategies in oligosaccharide synthesis

    10/01/2011 · Divergent Heparin Oligosaccharide Synthesis with Preinstalled ..

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One pot oligosaccharide synthesis essay - Quinn's Legacy

Oligosacchride and carbohydrate synthesis can be a challenge. Fluorous Technologies provides industry-leading tools to tag oligosaccharide sequences and modify microarray content. Fluorous assisted carbohydrate synthesis can be used either in conjunction with solid-phase syntheses or in solution phase syntheses to provied maximum process flexibility. We'll help you meet the challenge of carbohydrate synthesis, and make your research faster, simpler, and more cost effective.

Uronic acids in oligosaccharide synthesis

The use of fluorous tags in conjunction with solid phase oligosacchardie synthesis was initially described by Seeberger and co-workers. The basic methodology uses a carbohydrate linked to a solid phase bead to build the oligosaccharide chain. After each glycosylationn step, any deletion sequences are capped with a fluorous tag.

Carbohydrate synthesis - Wikipedia

Once the synthesis is complete the undesired fluorous tagged deletions are easily separated from the complete oligosaccharide sequence by fluorous solid phase extraction (FSPE). Conversely, a fluorous terminal tagging strategy can also be employed where all the truncated sequences are capped with a non-fluorous capping agent and the desired full sequence is fluorous tagged as the final step. FSPE can then be used to separate all the undesired sequences from the fluorous tagged oligosacchride.

Oligosaccharide Synthesis | Hydrolysis | Carbohydrates

In solution phase syntheses, a fluorous tag is used in place of the solid support. This provides several advantages over solid phase approaches such as reaction monitoring, solution phase kinetics, and less equivalents of reagents and saccharide monomers being used. Each of the reaction products can be separated from the reagents and excess monomer by FSPE or FLLE. In addition, fluorous supported oligosaccharide synthesis can be automated. Since fluorous supported chemistry is solution phase chemistry it also means that scale-up is easy and predictable making re-synthesis a snap.

06/01/2018 · Chapter 9

This chapter will focus on recent achievements in the combinatorial approach to glycobiology. Significant advances in polymer‐supported synthesis as well as chemoenzymic methods have led to the assembly of complex oligosaccharides in a combinatorial fashion even on desired positions of target peptides or proteins. The successful application of oligosaccharide libraries and carbohydrate mimetics to glycobiology such as elucidation of the immunobiological function of glycoconjugates or the discovery of carbohydrate/protein interactions on the basis of microarrays will also be discussed.

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