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Why is photosynthesis so important to green ..

Do the plants who does not have green leaf do photosynthesis ..

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photosynthesis: the important steps of photosynthesis

In leaves, besides chlorophyll and carotene, there's yet another pigment, or class of pigments, occurring in many leaves, called anthocyanins. However, these pigments are not important because they capture sunlight energy. Anthocyanins are formed when sugars and certain proteins interact in the juice inside plant cells. Despite anthocyanins playing no part in photosynthesis, they are themselves not formed unless sunlight is present. Since anthocyanins absorb blue, blue-green, and green light, the color they reflect to our eyes is

describing the important steps of photosynthesis

In leafy plants, the process of photosynthesis occurs largely in the leaves. Because of this, all the necessary ingredients need to be present in the leaves for the reaction to take place. Carbon dioxide is absorbed into the leaves from the air, water is routed from the roots to the leaves, and sunlight is absorbed into the leaves through chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment inside plant cells called chloroplasts - which also have several other structures within them. Chloroplasts are important because they are where photosynthesis takes place.

Explain why a green leaf looks green.

Photosynthesis is an important process permitting plants, and most particularly trees, to trap the sun's energy in the form of sugar using the leaf.

Some plants and plantlike organisms have developed other pigments to compensate for low light or poor use of light. Cyanobacteria and red algae have phycocyanin and allophycocyanin as accessory pigments to absorbe orange light. They also have a red pigment called phycoerythrin that absorbs green light and extends the range of photosynthesis. The red pigment is found in vegetables. Some red algae are in fact nearly black, so that increases their photosynthetic efficiency. Brown algae have the pigment fucoxanthin in addition to chlorophyll to widen their absorption range. These red and brown algae grow to depths around 270 meters where the light is less than 1% of surface light.

Light from the sun is actually energy, and is advantageous to the Earth in several ways. One of the most important ways is through photosynthesis. Plants absorb the red and blue wavelengths of light energy, and reflect the green wavelength. This is why plants appear to be green; that is the color not being absorbed by the plants.

Photosynthesis in a leaf: Chloroplasts ..

Photosynthesis (the most important process) …

16/01/2018 · Photosynthesis is the process of turning light energy into sugars, ..
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