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It’s almost summer, and summer calls for ice cream.

The Chinese aregenerally credited for creating the first ice creams, possibly as early as 3000 BC.

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3541), and half with uncooked vanilla ice cream (No.

Also, Lettice Bryan in (1839) gives a recipe for anorange-flavored custard dessert called "egg cream." There seems no basis to believe the legend the Yiddish actor Boris Thomashefsky brought theidea for the egg cream back from Paris after having tasted a drink called chocolate et creme.

A number of British cookbooks of the eighteenth century contain ice cream formulas.

But before long recipes became moresophisticated, and the technique of periodic stirring to prevent the formation of ice crystals wasintroduced, and ice cream was set on a career of unbroken popularity.

To make it pack a round mold with vanilla ice cream.

Raffald's other fruit cream (non-ice) recipes employ lemon, raspberry, and orange.

I’m not a teacher but i have a baby sister. We were at home one day and she got bord and asked me how to make ice cream and i found this site. Thank you very very much!!!!!!

Unfortunately, not every school student can use a world-class ESA facility for project work, but all can take inspiration from the natural world. So next time you are eating ice cream, look at it as it slowly melts in the bowl and remember that scientific curiosity knows no bounds.

Very firm ice cream, as directed below.

[…] We jiggled and wiggled to science music making our ice cream. You can find the recipe here. […]

A cream ice, flavoured with anyliqueur, a brown bread cream flavoured with brandy, with a couple of bright-coloured water ices,form another agreeable mixture.

[NOTE: there is no mention of molds or using two/three flavors to compose a brick of ice cream.][1885]
"Neapolitan or Pinachee Cream Ice.

You must have a Neapolitan box for this ice and fill it up in 3 or 4 layers with different colouredand flavoured ice creams (a water ice may be used with the custards); for instance, lemon, vanilla,chocolate, and pistachio.

Just made cocoa ice cream by adding two teaspoons of cocoa powder rafter doubling the recipe.
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  • It's not just vanillaand chocolate ice cream either.

    Before modern refrigeration mostly wealthy people had access to ice (and by association, iced cream) in the summer.

  • Any variety of ice-cream sodas made with scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Most cookbooks of the day contained several recipes for flavored creams, including one recipe especially for ice cream.

  • 'Cow' is for the ice cream in it; purple is for the grape juice.

    It took some time before all thee of the new beverages were transformed into frozen creams and ices.

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Freeze and finish as for vanilla ice cream."---Recipe number 25Mrs.

Vanilla Cream. Boil a vanilla bean in a quart of rich milk until it has imparted the flavour sufficently; then take it out, and mix with the milk, eight eggs, yelksand whites, beaten well; let it boil a little longer--make it very sweet, for much of the sugar is lost in the operation of freezing."
Raspberry Cream. Make a quart of rich boiled custard; when cold, pour it on a quart or ripe red raspberries, mash them tin it, pass it through a sieve, sweetenand freeze it."
Peach Cream. Get fine soft peaches, perfectly ripe, peel them, take out the stones, and put them in a China bowl; sprinkle some sugar on and chop them verysmall, with a silver spoon; if the peaches be sufficiently ripe, they will become a smooth pulp; add as much cream or rich milk as you have peaches; put more sugar and freeze it."
Citron Cream. Cut the finest citron melons, when perfectly ripe, take out the seeds and slice the nicest part into a China bowl, in smal pieces, that will lieconveniently, cover them with powdered sugar, and let them stand several hours, then drain off the syrup they have made, and add as much cream as it will give a strongflavour to, and freez it.

Hypothesis Ice Cream - Ice Cream Shop - Burnaby, …

Coffee Can Ice Cream
An alternative to the baggie method is to use coffee cans. The recipe is the same, and may be doubled or tripled because the coffee can can hold more liquid than the baggies. Put the mixture in a standard size coffee can and seal with the plastic lid, then place that can inside a larger “economy size” can (usually available from the teachers’ lounge or office). Pack the large can with ice and salt, and seal with the lid. Students can roll the can back and forth on the ground (outside – the condensation will drip) until the ice cream is set. The time required to set the mixture will vary depending on the number of servings in the can.

Hypothesis Ice Cream, Burnaby, British Columbia

Did this experiment for years with my students. Also used it as a “follow the directions” lesson. The kids loved it! But, even when I cautioned them to be careful about following directions there was always at least one group who ended up with salty ice cream. LOL. Also, I found that the kids should bring in winter gloves for this experiment. The bag gets VERY cold. Great way to show endo/exothermic reactions.

Problem & Hypothesis - Melting of Ice Cream

Mix the milk, vanilla and sugar together in one of the quart size bags. Seal tightly, allowing as little air to remain in the bag as possible. Too much air left inside may force the bag open during shaking. Place this bag inside the other quart size bag, again leaving as little air inside as possible and sealing well. By double-bagging, the risk of salt and ice leaking into the ice cream is minimized. Put the two bags inside the gallon size bag and fill the bag with ice, then sprinkle salt on top. Again let all the air escape and seal the bag. Wrap the bag in the towel or put your gloves on, and shake and massage the bag, making sure the ice surrounds the cream mixture. Five to eight minutes is adequate time for the mixture to freeze into ice cream.

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