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What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

It appears thatthe evidence for a genetic cause of bipolar affective disorder is strongerthan that for depression.

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The study focused on families of bipolar patients.

Even with the relatively conservative criteria, conduct disorder occurs in approximately 22% of bipolar children and 18% of bipolar adolescents ( et al., 1995). Conduct disorder, similar to ADHD, may be an initial manifestation of prepubertal-onset BP (, 1997b; , 1995). These comorbid conduct disorders appear related to poor judgment and grandiosity. As an example, a 7-year-old child stole a go-cart, an item that costs several hundred dollars, and was completely unfazed when the police appeared and tried to admonish him, thus demonstrating the grandiosity of stealing such a large object and of being impervious to legal intervention. Conduct disorders during adolescence (which may include driving under the influence, running away for sexual adventures, and stealing large amounts of jewelry) frequently lead to placement of these youngsters in juvenile facilities. Adult antisocial equivalents are well known (e.g., buying new television sets for every room in the hospital; obtaining real estate that the individual cannot afford).

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M, Morrell W, Lampert C, Burroughs J (1990), Relapse following discontinuation of lithium maintenance therapy in adolescents with bipolar I illness: a naturalistic study. 147:457-461

What Is the Course of Bipolar Disorder?

Both families suffer from bipolar disorder as well asred-green color blindness.

Psychosocial interventions commonly used for bipolar disorder are cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, family therapy, and a newer technique, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy. NIMH researchers are studying how these interventions compare to one another when added to medication treatment for bipolar disorder.

As an addition to medication, psychosocial treatments—including certain forms of psychotherapy (or “talk” therapy)—are helpful in providing support, education, and guidance to people with bipolar disorder and their families. Studies have shown that psychosocial interventions can lead to increased mood stability, fewer hospitalizations, and improved functioning in several areas. A licensed psychologist, social worker, or counselor typically provides these therapies and often works together with the psychiatrist to monitor a patient’s progress. The number, frequency, and type of sessions should be based on the treatment needs of each person.

Can Children and Adolescents Have Bipolar Disorder?

T1 - Earlier onset of bipolar disorder in children by antidepressants or stimulants? An hypothesis

U, (1994), Outcomes of unipolar and bipolar depression: Clinical and biological predictors. Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, October 25-30, 1994, New York

DF, Faedda GL, Veit S et al. (1996), Bipolar spectrum disorders in patients diagnosed with velo-cardio-facial syndrome: Does a hemizygous deletion of chromosome 22q11 result in bipolar affective disorder? 153:1541-1547

In the Humboldt family 5 individuals suffer fromboth bipolar disorder and color blindness.
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  • Patients with bipolar disorder spend more time depressed than manic.

    Bipolar Disorder

  • Treatment of Bipolar Depression

    Another report indicated a gene on chromosome 11 forbipolar disorder may have been detected in one non-Amish family.

  • Do Other Illnesses Co-occur with Bipolar Disorder?

    KW - bipolar disorder

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How Can Individuals and Families Get Help for Bipolar Disorder

Because bipolar disorder tends to run in families, researchers have been searching for specific genes—the microscopic “building blocks” of DNA inside all cells that influence how the body and mind work and grow—passed down through generations that may increase a person’s chance of developing the illness. But genes are not the whole story. Studies of identical twins, who share all the same genes, indicate that both genes and other factors play a role in bipolar disorder. If bipolar disorder were caused entirely by genes, then the identical twin of someone with the illness would always develop the illness, and research has shown that this is not the case. But if one twin has bipolar disorder, the other twin is more likely to develop the illness than is another sibling.

From the Bp Magazine for Bipolar blog:

In addition, findings from gene research suggest that bipolar disorder, like other mental illnesses, does not occur because of a single gene.7 It appears likely that many different genes act together, and in combination with other factors of the person or the person’s environment, to cause bipolar disorder. Finding these genes, each of which contributes only a small amount toward the vulnerability to bipolar disorder, has been extremely difficult. But scientists expect that the advanced research tools now being used will lead to these discoveries and to new and better treatments for bipolar disorder.

People with bipolar disorder may need help to get help.

Scientists are learning about the possible causes of bipolar disorder through several kinds of studies. Most scientists now agree that there is no single cause for bipolar disorder—rather, many factors act together to produce the illness.

When it is more than bipolar disorder….

There is also certain stereotypes and stigma surrounding bipolardisorder that still persists today, thereby discouraging people who mayhave the illness from seeking a diagnosis and treatment. Many peoplethink that people with bipolar disorder are just crazy; they do notconsider it an illness. This is not the case, in fact many people withbipolar disorder have been some the worlds most talented and famouspeople today and during history. Beethoven, Winston Churchhill, MarkTwain, Marilyn Monroe, Larry King, Billy Joel, Elton John to name a fewnoteworthy individuals. .Nevertheless, there still seems to exist a stigma surrounding bipolardisorder, which may be in large part due to the fact that the media'srole in coverage of bipolar disorder seems to be more negative thenpositive. Whatever, the case the stigma surrounding bipolar disordermust be eliminated.

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