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Hybridge Full Mouth Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implant- Hybrid Prosthesis Prices indicated are for Hybrid Prosthesis (Single Jaw) for 6 to 8 implants

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We’re excited to introduce a new revolutionary procedure, Hybrid Prosthesis or “Teeth-in-One-Day!” Our dentists have teamed up with oral surgeons at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery to simplify this process for you. Thanks to advanced computer-guided treatment planning and surgical techniques we, along with our partners at Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery, can provide patients immediate implant restorations.

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Implant treatment was based on basic prosthodontics principles that included preliminary and definitive impressions, jaw relation records, wax try-in, metal framework try-in, and insertion of definitive prostheses. Frameworks were fabricated according to the following criteria: bulk for strength, adequate access for oral hygiene procedures, minimal display of metal on the facial and occlusal surfaces, and strategic thinning of implant frameworks to allow for retention of acrylic resin denture teeth and denture basses [].

The implant-supported prosthesis is a “hybrid denture ..

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In Patients 1 and 2, occlusal vertical dimension was established and centric relation records were made with record bases, occlusal rims, and inter-occlusal bite registration material. Esthetics and phonetics were used to establish the position of the anterior teeth. In Patient 3, inter-occlusal bite registration material was used to record inter-occlusal relation. Then, face-bow transfers (UTS 3D Transferbow, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein) were made. In all patients, maxillary definitive casts were mounted on a fully adjustable articulator (Stratos 300, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein) with Type III mounting stone (Mounting Stone; Whip Mix Corp, Louisville, Kentucky, USA). Mandibular diagnostic casts were mounted by using the centric relation record. The protrusive records were made to adjust the articulator settings for the horizontal and lateral condylar indications. A verification index for each prosthesis was fabricated with pattern resin (GC pattern resin, GC America, Alsip, IL, USA) connecting the impression copings. The verification indexes were checked intraorally to confirm the accuracy of the master cast. Then, the metal frameworks were fabricated in the dental laboratory. They were checked intraorally to confirm their passively seating over the implants [Figure –]. The tooth setting was done over each framework using prefabricated resin teeth (SR Phonares II, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein) and evaluated clinically, verifying that the midline, occlusal plane, vertical dimension of occlusion, and centric relation. Esthetics and phonetics were evaluated, and the patient's acceptance was obtained at the trial insertion appointments. The prostheses were fabricated and adjusted to maintain occlusal point contacts in centric relation and anterior guidance in protrusion and canine guidance in lateral excursions, in Patients 1 and 2. In Patient 3, the prosthesis was in harmony with his existing habitual occlusion. The prostheses were also fabricated to have slight contact with mucosa to avoid speech difficulties while permitting access for proper hygiene measures.

Diagnostic model analysis showed that, intra-arch distance was 32 mm for Patient 1; 30 mm for Patient 2, and 26 mm for Patient 3. Therefore, it was decided to fabricate implant-supported metal-acrylic resin screw-retained fixed dental prostheses for the treatment of patients.

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An implant-supported hybrid prosthesis is an acrylic resin complete fixed dental prosthesis and supported by implants might be a solution in extreme cases that the need of the restoration for esthetics, function, lip support, and speech. This clinical report aims to present the esthetic and functional prosthetic rehabilitation of three borderline cases with implant-supported hybrid prostheses. Patient 1 (62-year-old man) and Patient 2 (61-year-old man) presented a chief complaint of a compromised esthetic. After clinical evaluations, in Patient 1, 8 implants in the maxilla and 7 implants in mandibula were observed. Patient 2 had 7 implants in the maxilla and 7 implants in mandibula, which were previously placed. The intra-arch dimension of both patients was excessive and an insufficient peri-oral soft tissue support was observed. Patient 3 was a 61-year-old man had 2 implants with a history of previously implanted graft infection and implant loss on his maxillary posterior jaw. An excessive intra-arch dimension was observed in clinical examination. In addition, massive bone defect and insufficient soft tissue support were examined. In all patients, implant-supported hybrid prostheses were successfully performed. The clinical and radiologic findings were satisfactory. After 3 years of follow-up, no functional, phonetic, or esthetic problems with the restorations were noted. These case reports suggest that implant-supported hybrid prostheses can be a reliable alternative treatment procedure when a porcelain-fused metal fixed restoration does not satisfy a patient's requirements for esthetics, phonetics, oral hygiene, and oral comfort.

This article presented a review of current and past literature regarding the evolution of different materials used for construction of hybrid prostheses. Several advantages can be drawn including CAD/CAM technology, 3D scanning, and monolithic zirconia as framework substrate material. Complications associated with the relative inaccuracy of casting have been significantly improved with the introduction of CAD/CAM technology in implant dentistry. Errors associated with traditional impressions can be solved utilizing 3D scanning since digital output data is fed directly into a digital workflow. Partially sintered monolithic zirconia as an implant-supported prosthetic material, reduces chipping of the veneering porcelain and may requires less prosthetic space compared to a conventional hybrid prosthesis due to its monolithic nature. Improved aesthetics can be achieved due to intrinsic staining capabilities. Such advantages are revolutionizing industries by enabling the merger of mass production and individual customization into fast, cost-efficient workflows that assist in the increasing demand for treatment of the edentulous patient.

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    Need teeth replaced? Hybrid prosthesis is the solution to your dental imperfections. Find out more here.

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Some of the advantages of hybrid prosthesis include never having to experience the crippling effects of loose dentures, messy adhesives, removing teeth at night, slipping during speaking or smiling, or the bad breath associated with dentures. Also, a hybrid prosthesis has a short recovery time, is easily cleaned, lets you eat your favorite foods, and has long-term success.

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Hybrid prosthesis involves replacing missing teeth with the support of multiple dental implants. With a hybrid prosthesis, you can have teeth that function and look like natural teeth. Patients with who’ve undergone hybrid prosthesis will never have to remove their replacement teeth for cleaning because their new teeth clean like natural teeth.

What is a Dental Hybrid Prosthesis

The above FEE SCHEDULE is for Standard Implant Cases ONLY (assuming there is sufficient bone width and height), where 3.0 mm. diameter and wider implants (up to 6.0 mm. diameter) can be utilized. The above fees do not NOT include: Diagnostic Wax-ups (large cases only), Temporary Prostheses, or Extractions. (The majority of these procedures are not required for standard Single Implant cases or for Denture cases).
The above fees INCLUDE an Implant Consultation, 2nd Opinion, Fee Quotation, Standard Radiographs (Panorex Films and Periapical Films), Study Models, Bite Records, Oral Hygiene Instruction, and minor Alveoplasty/Osteoplasty procedures where required. Complex cases may incur additional charges.

Hybrid prosthesis is the name for a detachable denture in dentistry

The investment for a hybrid prosthesis includes the cost of surgery, temporary implant bridges, and permanent hybrid prosthesis. All fees for your Coddington Dental implants and Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery oral surgery and implant specialists are combined and will not change. The entire process is one fee, which includes follow-up appointments. You’ll know how much your new smile will cost during your free consultation, and that number won’t change.

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