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Guards at the residence heard no shot.

It set up a "clean" room in a garage area outside ofpolice headquarters for gunshot residue testing.

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I shoved the gun into his face and fired, three, four shots.

It needs at least three tostart using the evidence, according to its protocols.

In Jones' trial, Assistant State's Attorney Stephanie Royster asked VanGelder about the possible sources of the gunshot residue.

"Most probably it's from either firing a gun or having your hand near agun when it went off," he responded, according to a transcript of thetrial.

The prosecutor started to ask her next question when Van Gelderinterrupted.

"There are other possibilities," he said.

Gun powder residue on Foster's glasses and clothing did not come from the gun found in his hand.

Twomonths later, forensic supervisor Sharon Talmadge issued a mandate toher staff:

"As of todays date (5/14/2004) Police Officers assigned to the MobileUnit WILL NOT perform GSR testing," she wrote in an e-mail.

The test results also showed dozens of particles consistent withgunshot residue on door handles, chairs and walls.

gun shot residue thesis statement - …

Malinski, T., “Analysis of Pb in gunshot residue (GSR) by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry,” Summer 2013.

One internal test by the Los Angeles Police Department foundthat police cruisers were contaminated by gunshot residue and that theparticles transferred onto people who hadn't fired anything.

Baltimore has had its contamination issues.

In 2001, the Baltimore Police Department revealed that there had beenactive firing ranges inside some precinct houses where suspects weretested for gunshot residue.

Testing revealed gunshot residue ininterview rooms, on tables, on chairs, in the air.

Hands bagged

The department says it revamped its testing process when it found outabout the problem.

Gun shot residue thesis | Taco Casa Bali

This is gunshot residue. The same explosion that forces out the bullet also releases theseparticles in a fine, nearly invisible cloud.

Others, including the FBI and Maryland StatePolice, must meet a higher standard than Baltimore's before theysuggest that the evidence means someone has fired a gun.

"The ability to contaminate is the reason that there is such a limiteddegree of conclusions that can be made with gunshot residue," said MarcS.

"They should never be making the statementthat says gunshot residue shows that someone fired a gun."

Internal Baltimore police documents show that contamination has been arecurring problem.

They testified they calledfor Jawad Abdullah, a crime lab technician, and asked him to sampleJones for gunshot residue.
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  • Gunshot Residue Evidence - More Junk Science?

    Tunney, G. "Analysis of Gun Shot Residue Using a Handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer," Summer 2012.

  • Please crime and gun shot residue check with your ..

    Thomas Malinski (Mentor: Dr. Pugh): Analysis of Pb in Gunshot Residue (GSR) by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometry.

  • Gunshot Residues (Gsr) | Researchomatic

    Thomas Malinski (Mentor: Dr. Pugh): Analysis of Pb Concentration in Gunshot Residue by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry.

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of Gunshot Residue Analyzing the wound by a gun ..

But if you can ever come forward with any evidence thatdemonstrates that you did not do it, I will be more than happy to setyou free.'"

The judge continued: "You have this very strange situation where a manwho was immediately identified as the defendant happened to havegunshot residue on his hands.

Two-gun suicide by simultaneous shots to the head: ..

I think that is what caused the jury toresist the fairly elaborate defense that the defendant put on as to whyhe was a victim of circumstances."

Gunfire in the night

The evening of June 24, 1998, wasn't the hottest night that summer.

dealt with multiple gunshot suicides in his doctoral thesis.

Simple Technique
Little Knowledge
Start of Body Cooling analysis
Tape Lifting Method

Blood Grouping
Gun shot residue left on hands

DNA Matching and Data base
Matching bullets found and bullets fired from the same firearm
Finger Printing Data Base

Forensics in the 1950's
Forensics Today
"Those fellows, they're always crying over killers.

Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Kit - In Plastic Case

It seemed like half the city waswearing tank tops that night.

But the police would be looking for something else when they foundtheir suspect - gunshot residue.

Cloud of particles

Look through a microscope at the hands of someone who has just fired agun, and there will probably be hundreds of lead, barium and antimonyparticles.

Gun Shot Residue (GSR) Kit - SEM - Envelope

"How can we make sure there'sjustice in our system?"

It is impossible to say whether Jones is innocent or whethercontamination caused the gunshot residue findings in his case.

residue identification and ammunition traceability ..

One rub andthey'll transfer from a gunman's hands to his pants or a car seat oreven handcuffs.

That is why officers try to test a suspect for gunshot residue as soonas possible: It is easy for someone to get rid of it.

Not a 'clear result'

It's also why defense attorneys and many experts worry aboutcontamination, and why some departments don't bother with the science.

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