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Discussion Trauma is an important cause of death in many countries, particularly in children and young adults, and head injury is the main cause of death in about 50% of trauma patients (3). Several epidemiological studies point to automobile accidents as the leading cause of head trauma and motor vehicle accidents as the most important mechanism of severe brain injury (4, 6, 7, 15). In Brazil, penetrating cranioencephalic injuries usually results from civilian gunshot wounds and are accompanied by a high morbidity and mortality rate, with poor neurologic outcomes (10, 11). Low-energy objects (foreign bodies) producing penetrating brain injuries are an uncommon situation on neurosurgical practice (1, 14). In our case, the patient presented with a deep penetrating lesion in the occipital region by a harpoon, a location that frequently raises concern and attention by the attending neurosurgeon due to the close proximity of important vascular and visual anatomical structures. Although some little continuous bleeding was noted on the accident site, it seemed that no significant vascular lesion occurred, which was confirmed during surgery. The pathophysiology of missile injuries involved on death and brain lesion of patients suffering gunshot wounds to the head are complex, however it is believed that, beyond the direct effect of the projectile destroying the parenchyma and vascular structures, a propagated energy and pressure wave through the surrounding brain tissue of missile track would be responsible for many neuron and glial cells deaths (13, 15). In the case of low-energy penetrating brain injury, the main mechanism seems to be restricted to the direct parenchymal lesion. This may explain why many patients present at the emergency departments with relatively good neurological function and outcome, although the large dimensions of foreign body lesions. In the present report, despite the deep penetrating cranioencephalic injury observed, the patient presented to us walking and talking normal and fluently with no apparent neurological deficits. Many therapeutic approaches have been proposed to the management of patients with penetrating brain injuries, varying from a conservative treatment with clinical support and control of the risk factors to a decompressive craniotomy (2, 12, 17). The surgical approach of patients usually depends on many aspects, such as clinical presentation, location and dimension of the trauma, support of intensive care unit and neurosurgeon experience. In the present report, the harpoon proximity to the occipital midline and venous sinuses made the neurosurgical procedure particularly challenging and required careful surgical access and dissection to avoid any additional vascular injury. We believe that, in such cases, the operative management must be performed by an experienced neurosurgeon with great anatomical knowledge of the region. In conclusion, the present report highlights that the early and appropriate neurosurgical management, on experience hands, may improve considerably the outcomes of patients presenting with low-energy penetrating cranioencephalic injuries.

The Logarithmic Time Perception Hypothesis by James Main Kenney Time scarcer

"Mixing" is very different from"expanding to fill!" The rule about gases does not involve mixing;instead it involves compressibility and instant expansion into a vacuum.

CenterSpace - High Performance Forward Scaling …

You can usually tear the carburetor apart, soak it in a carburetor cleaner overnight, blow it out with compressed air and reassemble without purchasing a repair kit. Just spraying carburetor cleaner in it does not constitute cleaning even if stripped down. You may luck out and not have to remove the pea sized aluminum welch plug on to rear center or the 2 lead shot sealed passageway covers. If not, then plan B is do it over but remove these plugs and clean everything including the passageways under the se plugs. The float is varnished and may look cruddy, but if it is still intact and seems to float in gasoline it should function. All that is usually needed is to check to see that the float level is with the bowel flange when assembled without the bottom bowl on and turned upside down. If not parallel, then bend the metal stop tab on the float needle valve area to adjust the float level. If the float is not set at the correct level for the shut off point under pressure from the fuel pump in the carburetor, this could cause motor to run lean or rich. Some carburetor repair kits cover a wide range of HP ranging from 5hp even up to 20 hp, however do not think just because the kit is the same for a 20hp as it is for the 6hp that they use the same carburetor. The kits may have numerous extra parts, as main jets where you just use the one required for your motor. The breather throat of the carburetor may also be a larger diameter for different hp of motors.

Great Pyramid Hydraulic Pulse Generator and Water Pump

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