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Grandparents rights thesis Suzanne jovin thesis

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Grandparents Rights Thesis Statements

I am sorry to bother you as I’m sure you get a lot of emails on this subject, but I have just discovered your website and the incredible wealth of information that you have gained about Riga and its inhabitants. I have recently started to research my family history and have hit a bit of a wall, mainly due to there not being anyone around anymore to ask. My great grandparents apparently came from Riga, all i have are a couple of photos and names. Having had very little luck from the ancestry website, I was wondering if you could advise me on any possible ways of gaining more information, I do understand that most have probably perished in the 1940s.

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Right, that's correct. That's the only picture I have of my second great grandparents. Aaron died before his wife and grown children migrated to Newark. One of my mother's cousins lives in the family house, and she has most of the family photos. She posted them on her tree.

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Unlike my parents, aunts and grandparents, when I got older I only heard of the Civil Rights Movement and Act of 1964 in school, and did not know that I was reaping the benefits from it until I was old enough to understand.

From: Monika W
Subject: sara schonfeld!
My name is Monika.
A Few weeks ago i found picture in my husband grandparents house My husband family origin is from Selbelang (Brandenburg) but since 1850 they live in ?ód? (Lodz).
Family name Gabryel. i love genealogy and old photos :) I don't know who are the 4 people pictured.A few words in Polish "to remember us, we send u a photograph - Seynfeld". On geni i saw Sarah picture. She looks so similar to woman from my picture! Just look.. :)

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A portrait of two of my great-great grandfathers who lived near each
other in Postov. They got together to take this portrait to send to
their children on the occasion of their marriage who lived in New York
City. This photograph was most likely the last their children ever saw
of their fathers, who never left "the old country" in their lives. In
the picture, the man on the left is Louis Riback and the man on the
right is Shimon "Simon" Reichel. Louis' son Harry Riback married
Shimon's daughter Bertha Reichel and they were my great-grandparents.

My maternal grandfather, Louis Levine was almost certainly born in Vilna. He came to
Schenectady, NY as an infant with my great grandparents right around 1890, months after his birth.
He grew up in Schenectady and lived there his entire life, being very much an assimilated American

I have been seeking information about the Levines of Vilnius prior to 1890. Can you recommend
any sources for me? By the way, since my father’s family name changed in America, I carry my maternal family name of Levine.

William M. Levine Sharon, New Hampshire

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