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Need Thesis Statement Cosmetic Surgery

We should not only cut back on the use of cosmetic surgery for safety reasons but also because ..

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Thesis Statement For Argumentative Essay On Cosmetic Surgery

This paper focuses on the media and teens, so I can easily focus my thesis and narrow my topic by adding those limiting factors to the thesis statement.


a) The following essay will argue that red wine is beneficial for health.

b) Small quantities of red wine are good for the digestive system and this
is supported by almost all of the research.

c) Red wine is extremely unlikely to have any of the health benefits that
are claimed for it.

d) Drinking one glass of wine a day with your main meal is healthy because
it reduces the risk of heart disease and some cancers.
* * * * *
d) signals to the reader that red wine's effect on heart disease, then on
cancers, will be discussed in the essay body.

a), b) and c) are good, clear thesis statements, but do not tell the reader
anything about the contents of the essay body.


Cosmetic Surgery Argumentative Essay

A study found that "nearly 11.7 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the US in 2007 – which represents an increase of nearly 500% in the overall number of cosmetic procedures in the past ten years" (as cited in "Beauty At Any Cost", 2008, p....

The very words "Puritan" and "Calvinist" bespeak episodes of the public enforcement of asceticism in the history of Christianity -- where many Christians still shun alcohol, despite the statement of Jesus, "This is my blood" (Matthew 26:28), in referring to his glass of wine.

Cosmetic Surgery Argumentative Essay ..

Billions of dollars are now spent on cosmetic surgery -- up to 90% of it by women -- at a time when almost a fifth of Americans lack basic health care [?].

Likewise, he and Bush reveal the enemy with malice statements, providing model images of the enemy for Americans to accept and channel their hate towards.

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Thesis statement for argumentative essay on cosmetic surgery ..

a) Cosmetic surgery is widespread in the modern world.

b) Many people go to Korea for cosmetic surgery.

c) This essay will show that Korean surgeons perform many
face lift operations.

d) Cosmetic surgery is frequently dangerous to health and
should be more effectively controlled.
* * * * *

d) makes an arguable point as many people would not
agree that it is often dangerous to health.

a), b) and c) are common knowledge and there cannot
be much discussion about these statements Why?

Any suggestions on my 9th grade thesis statement? | …

It must clearly show the writer's own opinion a) The internet has both positive and negative

b) There are many arguments against the

c) The internet tends to have positive effects.

d) The internet is an extremely useful educational
tool if it is used wisely.
* * * * *
d) the reader can understand exactly what the Inarguement is.

In a), b) and c) the reader does not get any clear information, and will ask: What are the aspects/arguments/effects?

I need to come up with a really good Thesis statement

There must be an arguable point a) Many writers agree that animals should not be used for

b) Nowadays animal rights is a hot topic.

c) All round the world people are beginning to ask if animal
experimentation is morally acceptable.

d) Animal experimentation is cruel and unjustified, and
should be illegal.
* * * * *
d) it is clear that that the writer is stating this as his/her opinion of fact.

a) and c) mentions what other people think.

b) does not show any specific opinion about animal rights.

Every argument against cosmetic surgery is wrong - The Week

And perhaps more importantly to you as a writer in the late stages of the writing process, how can you use those paragraphs you've already written about the studies that support your thesis?

Every argument against cosmetic surgery is wrong

With experience and knowledge, I hope to return to East Africa and other developing countries where the incidence of palate defects, burns, and other plastic surgery problems are prevalent, and the need for surgeons high. Providing surgical treatment for people who might not have access to treatment is one of my highest goals.

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