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But that really deepens the challenge to the geography hypothesis.


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If by “geography matters” he means that a border town next to a rich country is more likely to develop than other parts of the country, that’s an entirely different proposition from the geography hypothesis which claims that geographical factors are a crucial determinant of cross-country or cross-region income differences.

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Professor Dr. Andreas Vött is specialized in paleotsunami and geoarchaeological research in the Mediterranean. In September 2011, he will be presenting the Olympia tsunami hypothesis at an international academic . Before coming to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in October 2010, Vött was professor of Physical Geography with a focus on Quaternary Research and Geoarchaeology at the Institute for Geography at the University of Cologne. As professor of Physical Geography/Geomorphology at Mainz University, Vött also heads the Natural Hazard Research and Geoarchaeology teaching and research section. His research also comprises aspects of coastal geomorphology such as sea level fluctuations during the Holocene, but also the spatial effects of human-environment interactions over the past millennia. Vött's work is coordinated with that of the JGU Research Center Geocycles and the Cluster of Excellence "Earth and the Anthropocene" (ERA), which has been invited to submit a full proposal for funding in the second phase of the German Excellence Initiative.

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One of our papers is even called “”, which sounds as if it might have something to do with the competing geography and institutions hypotheses.

Furthermore, the three hypotheses are not
as exclusive as the debate on geography versus institutions would suggest but are indeed
interconnected and complementary.

We argued and demonstrated that the geography hypothesis, which links the huge cross-country differences in prosperity to geography is wrong and unhelpful — precisely the geography hypothesis that Jeffrey Sachs himself endorsed and argued, for example .

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However, these results do not provide an answer to the question as to what causes
trans-national variations in accumulation rates and technological progress.

In searching for the ultimate drivers of economic growth, three competing lines of explanation
have emerged:

• The geography-hypothesis which assumes that economic growth is ultimately
determined by geographical characteristics

• The institutions-hypothesis which views the quality of institutions as a fundamental
driver of growth

• The policy-hypothesis which emphasises the importance of economic policy

This paper provides an overview over these three hypotheses and revisits the debate over their
empirical relevance.

30/12/2017 · The concept of Null Hypothesis is a key concept of statistics
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