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The Mechanism of the Hinsberg Thiophene Ring Synthesis1,2

(2012), Mechanism and Scope of the Mn III-Initiated Oxidation of β-Ketocarbonyl Compounds: Furan Synthesis

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The Mechanism of the Hinsberg Thiophene Ring Synthesis 1,2

Here is a list of many named reactions. The detailed mechanism is provided for each of them and several samples are given to illustrate their synthetic usefulness.

Experimental and theoretical research on catalytic synthesis of thiophene from furan ..

By using the convenient protocol for conversion of 2-substituted furans into 4-oxo-2-alkenoic acids ((i) NBS, (ii) NaClO2), macrosphelide B (2) was synthesized from furyl alcohol 5 (>98% ee) and acid 6 (99% ee). The protocol was first applied to the PMB ether of 5 to afford acid 13b. On the other hand, DCC condensation of acid 6 with 5 gave 16 after deprotection of the TBS group. Condensation was again carried out between 13b and 16 to furnish the key ketone 17, which upon reduction with Zn(BH4)2 afforded anti alcohol 18 stereoselectively (15:1). After protection/deprotection steps, the furan 18 was converted to seco acid 3 by using the furan oxidation protocol mentioned above, and lactonization of 3 with Cl3C6H2COCl, Et3N, and DMAP afforded 22 (MOM ether of 2), which upon deprotection with TFA produced 2. Transformation of 22 to macrosphelide A (1) was then investigated. Although the chelation-controlled reduction of 22 should afford the desired anti alcohol 24, Zn(BH4)2 at 4 in MeOH at −15 °C produced the syn isomer 23 with >10:1 diastereoselectivity. Mitsunobu inversion of the resulting C(14)-hydroxyl group and deprotection of the MOM group with TFA afforded 1. Similarly, reduction of 2 with NaBH4 afforded the C(14)-epimer of 1 stereoselectively. The observed stereoselectivity in the reductions of 22 and 2 could be explained on the basis of computer-assisted calculation, which showed presence of the low-energy conformers responsible for the stereoselective reduction. In addition, conversion of 2 to 1 was established, for the first time.

by the Paal-Knorr furan synthesis.

synthesis and mechanism of quinoline (Skraup synthesis) - Duration: 6:37

The direct and selective synthesis of phenols from aryl/heteroaryl halides and KOH has been achieved through the use of highly active monophosphine-based catalysts derived from Pd2dba3 and ligands L1 or L2 and the biphasic solvent system 1,4-dioxane/H2O. We have also demonstrated a one-pot method of phenol formation/alkylation for the preparation of alkyl aryl ethers from aryl halides. In many instances, this protocol overcomes limitations in existing Pd-catalyzed coupling reactions of aliphatic alcohols with aryl halides. Finally, we demonstrate that substituted benzofurans can be prepared efficiently via a Pd-catalyzed phenol formation/cyclization protocol starting from 2-chloroaryl alkynes.

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  • on catalytic synthesis of thiophene from furan ..

    04/01/2017 · The mechanism of the Paal–Knorr furan synthesis was elucidated in 1995 by V

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    Mechanism and Scope of the Mn III-Initiated Oxidation of β-Ketocarbonyl Compounds: Furan Synthesis †

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    Furan synthesis - Organic chemistry

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