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Psychodynamic Theory Sigmund Freud was one of the most influential contributors to the field of psychology....

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Freud, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego. – …

Brief Biography: Elena Panagiotopoulou completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at UCL and an MSc (Distinction) in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology at UCL and the Anna Freud Centre. During and after her MSc, she gained research and clinical work experience at UCL, Imperial College London, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the Anna Freud Centre. She then completed an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL as part of a 1+3 PhD studentship co-funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Neuro-psychoanalysis Fund (NPSA).

Thesis Papers; Freud, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego

2/ I research how Freud created a form of writing to overcome those resistances? My hypothesis is that Freud’s metapsychology is also a metapsychological writing: a formal attempt to describe the hallucinatory mode of thinking.

Freud Group Psychology | Unconscious Mind | Id

Freud, Sigmund- Group Psychology and the Analysis of …

1/ I research how some psychological phenomena resist Freud’s verbal description? My hypothesis is that those phenomena revolve around hallucinatory modes of thinking.

3/ I research the function of Freud’s metapsychology in the psychoanalytical practice? My intuition is that Freud’s metapsychology was necessary to develop the idea of a construction in the cure.

Prof. Juliet Mitchell; Dr. Liz Allison

Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego by Sigmund Freud

Let us recall Freud’s fundamental thesis in Group Psychology and the ..

Name: Manuel Batsch

Thesis title:
Freud: Memory and the Metapsychological Witch

Thesis abstract:
My work is part of a very broad epistemological field that tries to understand the kind of knowledge generated by Freud’s practice of psychoanalysis. I question those links between theories and practice at a formal level, which means that my object of study remains the Freudian text. My research is structured on three points:

"This book examines group psychology and the analysis of the ego. Topics discussed include the following: (1) Le Bon's Description of the Group Mind, (2) Other Accounts of Collective Mental Life, (3) Suggestion and Libido, (4) Two Artificial Groups: the Church and the Army , (5) Further Problems...

Sigmund freud on group psychology
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  • Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego

    Freud Group Psychology Thesis

  • Group Psychology And the Analysis of the Ego.

    Freud Group Psychology & Analysis of Ego - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

  • (1920), Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego ..

    13/10/2012 · Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego has 1,374 ratings and 98 reviews

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Freud Group Psychology Thesis - mphotonicsmitedu

Just as people do not believe deep down in their hearts that Jews are the devil, they do not fully believe in the leader. They do not really identify with him but act on this identification, represent their own enthusiasm, and thus participate in the leader’s performance. It is through this representation that they find a balance between their instinctual urges continually mobilized and the historical stage of enlightenment which they have attained and which can not be arbitrarily revoked. It is probably the distrust of the fiction of his own ‘group psychology’ that makes the fascist masses so merciless and unshakable. If they stopped to reason for a second, all the performance would go through the air and they would be left in a state of panic. (“Freudian Theory and the Pattern of Fascist Propaganda,” p. 152)

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However, Adorno does not defend, against such psychological reality, some form of “self-strengthening” in the molds we could find in the ego psychology of his day. Rather, he is one of the first to understand the functionality of narcissism as a privileged mode of social bond in a society of weakening capacities for mediation of the ego. He knows how, through the narcissistic consolidation of personality with his reactions to the tacit awareness of the fragility of the ego ideals, such weakness allows what he calls the expropriation of the unconscious by social control. This serves to remind us that these Frankfurtian appropriations of Freudian considerations serve, among other things, to show us how authoritarianism in its multiple versions is not only a tendency that appears when individuality is dissolved. Rather, it is a potentiality inscribed in the very narcissistic structure of the modern individuals of our liberal democracies. It could be no different for someone who says, “The deeper we go into the psychological genesis of the totalitarian character, the less we are content to explain it in an exclusively psychological way, and the more we realize that its psychological stiffness is a means of adaptation to a mutilated society.” Because of having to deal with a rigid and mutilated society, the modern constitution of the individual is potentially authoritarian because it is narcissistic, tending to project out what seems to prevent the constitution of an autarkic and unitary identity, as well as being continuously open to identification with archaic fantasies of protection and security. We know the classic idea that situations of anomie, disaggregated families and economic crisis are the breeding ground for dictatorships. Somewhat like those who say: where family, prosperity, and belief in the law do not work well, where the mainstays of the liberal individual collapse, the seductive voice of totalitarian discourses is lurking. However, if we really want to think of the extent of totalitarianism, it would be interesting to ask why authoritarian personalities also appear in very well-adjusted and solid families, in subjects very well adapted to our societies and to our standard of prosperity.

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Name: Tina Adkins

Thesis title:
The Development and Implementation of a Mentalizing Intervention for Foster Parents

Brief Biography:
I received my MA in Counseling in the US and an MSc in Developmental Psychoanalytic Psychology through UCL and the Anna Freud Centre. I have spent much of my career within the field of social work, specifically working with foster and adopted children and their parents. Before starting this PhD, I was involved with psycho-educational training and teaching of foster and adoptive parents in Texas.

Thesis abstract:
My work showed me that much of the training received by foster and adoptive parents is inadequate for dealing with traumatized children, and as a result, these children are sometimes asked to leave their foster home due to their clinical or behavioral issues. Because foster and adoptive parents in Texas receive little to no help in the form of family therapy or other clinical interventions, I decided to create a psycho-educational training intervention for these parents based on the core tenets of Mentalization-Based Family Therapy. This intervention is designed to not only educate them on trauma, attachment and reflective parenting/mentalization, but I am hoping it increases their ability to mentalize with their children and that this in turn improves their relationship, lowers their stress and leads to less child behavior problems.

Prof. Peter Fonagy; Dr. Patrick Luyten

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