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Instead of scanning each ridge, fingerprint-based biometrics look for minutiae (small lines on the surface of the skin).

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As compared with other biometrics systems using fingerprint ..

Facial characteristics, fingerprints, hand geometry, retinal patterns, iris, signature, and voice are all possible candidates for biometric identification, as these characteristics are unique from person to person....

There are various biometric templates like fingerprints, face, voice, signature, iris and odor.

Biometrics has already begun using applications that range from attendance tracking with a time clock to security checkpoints with a large volume of people....

the illusions people have about fingerprint biometrics.

During enrolment, the biometrics of the user is captured and the minutiae data are extracted and stored in a database as a template for the subject along with the user’s ID. The objective of the enrolment module is to admit a user using his/her ID and fingerprints into a database after feature extraction. These features form a template that is used to determine the identity of the user, formulating the process of authentication. The enrolment process is carried out by an administrator of the attendance management system. During authentication, the biometrics of the user is captured again and the extracted features are compared with the ones already existing in the database to determine a match. After a successful match, attendance is marked against the user’s id used in matching the templates.

As the problem become exceedingly noticeable, the researchers aim to develop a Student Attendance Monitoring System using Biometrics that will provide an effective and accurate answer for monitoring attendances & tardiness.

“Attendance Monitoring System with SMS Reporting for the BatStateU-ARASOF Laboratory School”

Hardware Specification
*Biometrics fingerprint
Software Specification



Fingerprint Monitoring Device

Biometrics Fingerprint Scanner Thesis

Biometrics is an amazing new topic referring to “the emerging field of technology devoted to the identification of individuals using biological traits, based on retinal or iris scanning, fingerprints, or face recognition”.

Today, Biometrics has expanded to not only your fingerprints but also ear, face, facial thermogram, hand vein, hand geometry, iris, retina, signature and voice analysis.

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  • as the Fingerprint Biometrics ID System make ..

    The Payroll System will be connected with the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.

  • Radha Chitta, "Kernel-based Clustering of Big Data", Ph.D

    Thesis About Monitoring Attendance Using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

  • Biometrics Biometrics Biometrics Dissertation Research Thesis

    - Read more about fingerprint, biometric, thesis, biometrics, minutiae and matching.

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By definition, “biometrics” (Woodward, Orlans, and Higgins, 2003) is the science of using biological properties to identify individuals; for example, fingerprints, retina scans, and voice recognition....

We are focusing on research in fingerprint biometrics and ..

The task of the authentication module is to validate the identity of the person who intends to access the system. The person to be authenticated indicates his/her identity and places his/her finger on the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint images captured is enhanced and thinned at the image processing stage, and at feature extraction stage, the biometric template is extracted. It is then fed to a matching algorithm, which matches it against the person’s biometric template stored in the system database to establish the identity. During authentication, for staff attendance, a staff supply his/her department and name, then places his/her finger over the fingerprint reader, the fingerprint recognition unit compares the fingerprint features with those stored in the database, after a successful match, the staff’s employee number is sent to the database alongside the time of making such an attendance and update the status (either present/absent) of user’s attendance for the day. Staff attendance is captured twice a day for both arrival and departure time.

Attendance Monitoring using Biometrics and SMS …

Automatic Fingerprint Identification System(AFIS) appeared as an essential tool for all the biometrics and the law enforcement agencies[1].The demand of the secured biometric system, now lead to the growth in the features and individualities for the responsibility of quite complicated fingerprint and finger-vein present in the fingertips of the fingerprint.

Fingerprint Biometrics Em Alhea

The barcode attendance system requires that every employee is issued a badge/card in which there is a barcode. In order to check into or out of the company, the badge/card is swapped on the time clock, and the data is captured by the clock. In the magnetic stripe attendance system, data is encoded in the magnetic stripe of the employee card. When the card, is swiped through the employee time clock, the information in the card’s magnetic stripe is recorded by the time clock. This system reads one card at a time and also requires contact with the reader. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag, called RFID tag or label, attached to an object, through a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking the object. The ID cards of the employees is embedded with RFID tag which is read by a reader. This RFID system is interfaced to a database through a computer. Each employee uses an RFID card and the reader records the data when the employee enters or exits. In biometric Attendance system, there is attendance software that is paired with a time clock for employees which uses biometric technology for authentication purposes. When these systems are in use, the employees can use their biometric data such as finger prints for clocking in and clocking out. This method has the great benefit that the entire process is easy as well as quick. Other advantages include elimination of the cost previously incurred in getting the employees cards.

make task easier and produce more reliable outputs

Some of the features measured in biometrics identification that I will include in this paper are: fingerprints, retina, face, signature, and voice scans.

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