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Acrylic resin prosthesis of shape of external auditory ..

the air cavities of the external auditory canal and ..

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Radiation dose distribution in the external auditory canal with ..

The stent is curved prosthesis, the thickness of which can be adjusted according to the requirements the radian of the stent just inosculates the residual anterior wall, upper wall and lower wall of the external auditory canal after open mastoidectomy, thus forming the complete external auditory canal.

BAHA Usage in Auditory Rehabilitation of Patients with External Auditory Canal Stenosis: ..

The prosthesis of the invention can be used for reconstructing the external auditory canal in the open mastoidectomy or any other surgeries requiring external auditory canal reconstruction, thus recovering/imitating the shapes and functions of the external auditory canal and mastoid.

Traumatic ossicle extrusion into the external auditory canal

of incus dislocation into the external auditory canal ..

The external auditory canal is an S- shaped osseo-cartilaginous structure that extends from the auricle to the tympanic membrane. Congenital, inflammatory, neoplastic, and traumatic lesions can affect the EAC. High-resolution CT is well suited for the evaluation of the temporal bone, which has a complex anatomy with multiple small structures. In this study, we describe the various lesions affecting the EAC.

The external ear consists of the auricle and the external auditory canal (EAC). The EAC is divided into two parts. The lateral one-third is cartilaginous and the medial two-third is bony [].[] The main function of the EAC is to conduct sound waves in the form of vibrations to the tympanic membrane. The most common congenital lesion affecting the EAC is atresia. Inflammatory lesions include malignant otitis externa and osteomyelitis. Bone tumors are the most common neoplastic lesions encountered. Trauma can cause injury to the EAC. Miscellaneous conditions like accumulated ear wax and cholesteatoma also affect the EAC. Most of these lesions can be diagnosed clinically; however imaging is often required to evaluate the extent of the lesion, feasibility for surgery, differential diagnosis and to rule out complications. High resolution CT scan (HRCT) is a good tool to assess EAC abnormalities.

– – External auditory canal and eyeglasses ..

External Ear & Auditory Canal Flashcards | Quizlet

Introduction: Bone Anchored Hearing Aid is an implantable bone conduction hearing aid of the temporal bone. This device has been used and studied in Europe and in the USA having already been implanted more than 15000 patient around the world and has just beginning in Brasil. Objective: The objective of this article is to present Bone Anchored Hearing Aid as an alternative treatment of the deafness, especially in the cases of bilateral external auditory canal stenosis, describe the surgical technique and to make a review of this indications, complications and audiological results BAHA is a good option for the auditory rehabilitation in patients with external auditory canal stenosis. Methods: Bone Anchored Hearing Aid has advantages when compared to conventional bone conduction devices. Conventional bone conduction devices have some problems like skin irritation for the constant pressure, the aesthetics that is extremely bad and the difficulty of maintaining the device in children, because it is easily removable. Other indications are chronic draining ears, wall down mastoidectomyte and external otitis. The surgical procedure is simple and fast. It can be made under local anesthesia with few complications. The surgical technique is similar to the Brånemark system used in the cases of dental implants, being used the same devices used by the dentists. Results: Bone Anchored Hearing Aid is audiologically superior in comparison to conventional bone conduction devices and similar to the conventional air conduction hearing aid. Conclusion: When used bilaterally it improves the perception of the sound direction

Enhanced fit between the malleus and external auditory canal;
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  • The External Auditory Canal and Pinna

    Radiation dose distribution in the external auditory canal with different prosthetic materials: A clinical report

  • External auditory canal reconstruction following …

    The external auditory canal ..

  • is the absence or closure of the external auditory ear canal

    Ectopic external auditory canal and ossicular formation …

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