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The adjustedEVA is simple using current value of all assets in calculating the accountingrate of return (ROI).

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It should alsobe noted that in practice EVA seldom corresponds DCF, because any adjustmentmade to EVA abolishes the mathematical equivalence (Storrie&Sinclair1997, p.5).

The EVA targets can be adjusted accordingly,although this is not necessary an easy task.

There are plenty of adjustments that make EVA theoretically and/or practically a better measure or a better guideline in assessment of different units.

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In doing so they are able to produce positive EVAand thus justify their own investments.

Paying managers for performance with EVA-based bonus system Private entrepreneurs, the managers of their own firm get paid just as they make money.

The problem of wrong periodizing If a company has depreciated almost all of its fixed assets, it might have - prior adjustments - big positive EVA even though the business would on average and in the long-run produce unsatisfactory true rate of return.

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The problem will stillbe that MVA accounts for all future EVA and not just for EVA of certainperiod.

Dodd and Chen (1996) study the correlation between stock returns anddifferent profitability measures including EVA, non-adjusted residual income,ROA, EPS and ROE.

The writers concluded thatfirms adopting EVA might as adopt simple residual income concept, whileresidual income correlates with share prices almost as well as its adjustedversion called EVA.

It is also remarkable thatthose studies excluding all adjustments to EVA (Telaranta 1997, Dodd&Chen,1996) show least evidence on the correlation.
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    The problem whether to make some individual adjustment to EVA figures or not, can be approached e.g.

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    If that is not the case, then ROI and EVA can be adjusted to sufficiently accurate measures with some modifications.


    Implementing EVA is and at least should be more than just adding one line in the monthly profit report.

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EVA is the most widely used Value-Based performance measure (Myers,1996, p.42) probably just because it happens to be an easier concept comparedto the others.

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The degree of complexity in EVA can depend on the use of EVA and also on a business unit’s accounting systems resources to make the adjustments needed.

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As presented earlier, the whole meaning with EVA is in establishing a capital cost based on risk-adjusted opportunity cost and that way assuring that the capital is in efficient use.

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Even in situations where EVA or bonus system is not adjusted to these imperfections the change in the approach and the behavior of management is great.

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