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Structural Engineering Thesis Topics will be available on

The course comprises six units of credit in the first session and six units of credit in the second session. As a rough guide students are expected to work on their thesis for at least 6 hours per week in each session. During this time students are involved with directed laboratory and research work on an approved topic and under the guidance of members of the academic and research staff.

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A thesis or dissertation presents the research that the student performed for that degree.

So, Here we are providing the list of many ideas on various categories to create better knowledge on what type of projects that an ECE student can choose. Here we are providing the list of ECE projects in various categories such as , Electrical, Robotics, Communication based, DTMF, GSM, PC, Solar based, Sensor based, power electronics, general electronics, RF based, , etc. Here are also providing the abstract details also along with the project ideas.

For engineering students, projects play very important role in the final year. They have to use their knowledge and do the projects individually with innovative ideas.

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For instance, you may choose to formulate your own thesis topic and can register your topic through Moodle, once you have the agreement of your supervisor. You may wish to select a topic based on areas of engineering interest, extracurricular interests (such as Redback Racing or the sUNSWift team), or preference for working with a particular academic in your field. Preformulated topics are also available on the Thesis Moodle. Take a look!

1. How do I find a topic?
There are a wide range of topics available for you to choose and you can even come up with your own, the choice is yours!

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This book will also be removed from all your lists.

Nowadays electronics play vital role on the Earth. And we all know that it has become a part in our daily life. So, many people are showing lot of interest on . Even the students are also showing lot of interest on ECE and EEE branches in Engineering for better future. Especially the demand for ECE branch is increasing at rapid rate.

We've curated titles we think you'll love.

Your first stop when accessing this Moodle should be the "First Steps" box and the "Thesis Topic Selection Guideline" document (see images below).

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2. How do I find an academic advisor?
​Thesis Moodle! There is a database with pre-existing topics and a supervisor database that lists their research interests.

ITEE Research Groups and Staff can be found .

The School has a special Moodle for securing thesis topics, which you can self-enrol in at any time. with your zID and zPass, then use the student enrolment key: engmecht (see image below)

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3. I am an employed engineer, can I do a project based on my work?
Projects based on current employment are highly encouraged! However, they must meet the requirements of advanced independent study. In addition, work-based projects must be approved by the Thesis Coordinator () prior to enrolment.

Thesis writing involves special and personal care as […]

Step 5: Furthermore, you must enrol in the appropriate thesis/project course code on myUNSW, as you would normally enroll in other courses.

All archived from 2008 an on.

The thesis submission deadline is generally Monday of Week 13 in each semester. If in doubt, consult your Thesis Course Outline.

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