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The internal structure of the leaf is also adapted to promote efficient photosynthesis:

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The maximum efficiency of photosynthesis (PDF …

BERKELEY, CA —Through photosynthesis, green plants and cyanobacteria are able to transfer sunlight energy to molecular reaction centers for conversion into chemical energy with nearly 100-percent efficiency. Speed is the key – the transfer of the solar energy takes place almost instantaneously so little energy is wasted as heat. How photosynthesis achieves this near instantaneous energy transfer is a long-standing mystery that may have finally been solved.

14/01/2018 · The maximum efficiency of photosynthesis

The advantage of being C4 is affected by temperature and water availability. At higher temperatures, oxygenation reactions in C3 plants increase but C4 plants still do no oxygenation. This increases the advantage of being C4. C4 plants are also more efficient at photosynthesizing without losing water. Because PEPCase has a low Km for CO2, C4 plants can keep their stomata a little more closed than C3 plants without slowing carboxylation.

Scientists create most efficient artificial photosynthesis yet

Is photosynthesis more efficient than solar panels? If so, by how much?

“For this reason, the transfer of electronic coherence between excitons during relaxation has usually been ignored,” Engel said. “By demonstrating that the energy transfer process does involve electronic coherence and that this coherence is much stronger than we would ever have expected, we have shown that the process can be much more efficient than the classical view could explain. However, we still don’t know to what degree photosynthesis benefits from these quantum effects.”

e. Costs and benefits of C4 photosynthesis
C4 photosynthesis avoids photorespiration and is thus potentially more efficient than C3. There are some intrinsic costs to the C4 path, however.

Towards efficient photosynthesis: overexpression …

The photosynthetic technique for transferring energy from one molecular system to another should make any short-list of Mother Nature’s spectacular accomplishments. If we can learn enough to emulate this process, we might be able to create artificial versions of photosynthesis that would help us effectively tap into the sun as a clean, efficient, sustainable and carbon-neutral source of energy.

An alternative to the C4 path would be significant improvement in the carboxylating efficiency of RUBISCO. Some improvement has occurred over time (more ancient photosynthetic lineages have RUBISCO isoforms that are a little less specific fro CO2 than those in plants) but not enough to suppress the adaptive value of the C4 path. has not. It may be that changes in RUBISCO that would abolish oxygenation are not structurally possible.

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  • Photosynthesis is not a very efficient process

    The practical maximum efficiency of photosynthesis under optimum conditions is estimated to be 8–9%.

  • Efficient colors for photosynthesis, Biology - Experts Mind

    12/05/2011 · Determining the relative efficiency of photosynthesis and ..

  • Biology Assignment Help, Efficient colors for photosynthesis, Q

    Plants with C4 photosynthesis are efficient in carbon assimilation and have an advantage over C3 photosynthesis

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Why c4 plants are more efficient in photosynthesis, Biology

Moroney JV and Somanchi A (1999) How do algae concentrate CO2 to increase the efficiency of photosynthetic carbon fixation? Plant Physiology 119: 9–16.

A big step towards more efficient photosynthesis - BBSRC

Algae are a very diverse group of predominantly aquatic photosynthetic organisms that account for almost 50% of the photosynthesis that takes place on Earth. Algae have a wide range of antenna pigments to harvest light energy for photosynthesis giving different types of algae their characteristic colour. Early work done with algae contributed much to what is presently known about the carbon dioxide fixation pathway and the light harvesting reactions. The processes of photosynthesis in algae and higher plants are very similar. From among the three types of carbon dioxide‐concentrating mechanisms known in photosynthetic organisms, two types are found in different types of algae. Algae are proposed to play a role in the global carbon cycle by helping remove excess carbon dioxide from the environment. Recently, algae are recognized as a promising biodiesel source due to its efficient absorption and conversion of solar energy into chemical energy.

More Efficient Photosynthesis Transferred ..

“We have obtained the first direct evidence that remarkably long-lived wavelike electronic quantum coherence plays an important part in energy transfer processes during photosynthesis,” said Graham Fleming, the principal investigator for the study. “This wavelike characteristic can explain the extreme efficiency of the energy transfer because it enables the system to simultaneously sample all the potential energy pathways and choose the most efficient one.”

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