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The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Photosynthesis …

Count bubbles of oxygen gas given off by elodea to determine the rate of photosynthesis.4.

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To test this we used about 5 grams of leaves for each trial, and placed them in a gas chamber. On two sides of the gas chamber we placed two clear containers filled with water to serve as the temperature regulators. Behind the water containers we placed lights directed at the plant. We ran three trails for each different leaf we used. Each trail consisted of measuring the amount of CO2, with a CO2 gas sensor under blue light, red light, and green light. We made sure to switch the order of colors in each trail as an experimental control, to minimize error. Since we know that photosynthesis requires CO2, and we know that blue light pigments absorb the most light energy, we predicted that under blue light the most CO2 would be used.

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Using this data to analyze our question, temperature does indeed affect the rate of photosynthesis.

My graph shows that when the Elodea was 10cm away from the lamp
the rate of photosynthesis was high with there being around one bubble
produced per second The average amount of bubbles produced in 30
seconds was 58.

So if there is a big Elodea plant the
speed that photosynthesis happens will increase as there are more
palisade cells that can be photosynthesising


I have decided to explore into how light intensity affects the rate of
photosynthesis in the elodea.

temperature had an effect on the carbon ..

There will be a maximum level of photosynthesis during the experiment it is called a limiting factor.

For the
plant to keep on photosynthesising at a steady rate there needs to be
plenty of water and the temperature needs to be kept at a certain
level because once carbon dioxide is no longer the limiting factor
simply giving the plant more wont have any effect.


Input - Light intensityis to be varied by increasing and decreasing
the distance from the light source to the plant

Output - The rate of photosynthesisis to be measured by counting the
bubbles of oxygen produced by the plant every two minutes, and
therefore finding the rate of photosynthesis

Control - The amount of water available to the Elodea will stay the
same level in the 400 cm3 beaker.

Size of elodea: The rate of photosynthesis can vary depending on the size of the elodea the rate of photosynthesis will increase.
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    In this experiment I will investigate how sodium hydrogen carbonate affects the rate of photosynthesis.

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    Based on our data and research, we can determine that temperature affects the rate of photosynthesis in plants.

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    If temperatures increase, the plant can develop alternative pathways to increase the rate of photosynthesis.

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Effect of Temperature on The Rate of Photosynthesis of Elodea

Because we need the experiment to be a fair
one and we know from our research that temperature can affect the rate
of photosynthesis we needed to cut down the heat transferring from the
light to our experiment as much as we can.

of photosynthesis The effect of temperature ..

When the Elodea was 20cm away from the lamp the rate
of photosynthesis decreases by more half as much with the average
number of bubbles produced being only 24.

The effect of temperature on the photosynthesis, …

My experiment was nreliable because for each reading
the temperature of the water was not exactly the same so this would
have affected the rate of photosynthesis and affected my results.

The differential effect of temperature on different ..

If we put a light with a green filter
to the elodea the plant would not be able to photosynthesise simply
because there would be no light energy available that the elodea could

Photosynthesis in Elodea Lab Essay - 602 Palabras | Cram

Overall I think my experiment was successful because I found
out what it was that I wanted to find out, how does light intensity
affect the rate of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis in Elodea Lab Essay; ..

Light colour: Certain colours of light can change the rate of
photosynthesis in green plants such as elodea depending on how well
the light can be absorbed into the plants chlorophyll.

Effect of Light on Photosynthesis by Fourier Education - issuu

Variables and Groups
There were only 5 discs in the hot water solution, and the rest ended up on the ceiling but it is still easy to see that the discs in hot water went through photosynthesis faster than the 10 discs in the room temperature water.

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