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Drexel Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition: Start Date: 7/21 ..

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Drexel Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition 2017 | …

It's a silly place : Eric Rohmer and the postmodern medievalMarvin Hamor Bernardo
The continuity and evolution of Chinese designChandler French
The Museum of Modern Art and the exhibition of futurism : the founding years through 1961Nicholas C Irvin
On diagrams and diagrammatic aesthetics : Mark Lombardi, Hanne Darboven, Thomas HirschhornAllison King
Infringement : a study of the impacts of copyright law on new media artElizabeth Bidart
Walid Raad : the fantastical encounter and the possible communityMargaret Abreu Cárdenas
The mythic narrative of the Los Angeles residence : a study on the architecture of Charles Moore and Rudolf SchindlerMary Emily O'Hara
Occupational aesthetics : the history and resurgence of the Art Workers MovementCharlie Renison
To be re-presented anew : into the time of Walid Raad's oeuvreRebecca Ellen Ryan Roberts
Modernism in post-war Los Angeles : "Arts and architecture" and the Case Study House ProgramGena Naomi Beam
Fashioning the renaissance body : dress, identity, and space in sixteenth-century ItalyAnna De Filippi
The difficulty of the artists' multiple : positive ambiguity and aspirations of mass reception in "shit must stop"Solomon Salim Moore
Out of the cauldron : witchcraft in the artwork of Hans Baldung Grien and David Teniers the YoungerLara Pena
Picturing the past : the photographic visions of Chin-San LongRebekah Sternbach
Politics and religion in Shitao's (1642-1707) early workAllison Woodward Tepper
Discerning dust : alchemy and cartographic possibility in Melvin Edward Nelson's "Photo Genetics"Sonia Andrea Vucetic
Faces of judgment : Roman imperial portraiture, the image of Christ and the rise of ChristianityLaura I Fisher
The golden haggadah : visualizing history and the Passover holiday in 14th-century SpainOlivia Rose Maki
Reification of nature : New York City earthworksSara O'Keeffe
Fractured and whole : light and the cinematic spaces of Frederick Kiesler and László Moholy-NagyAlexandra Lane Saxon
The body presented : grotesque imagery and the transcendence of performance art in the work of Leigh BoweryDiana Van Wagner
Tomorrow never knows : issues in the conservation of modern and contemporary artLauren D White
Visualizing nature : the artistry of scientific imagesKelsey A Ziff
Egyptian enigmas and papal power : the Pamphili Obelisk in Rome's Piazza NavonaEuropa Christina Babbini
The dawn of morphological empiricism : Vesalius' methodology of image reception in "De humani corporis fabrica libri septum"Zarina Bell
Good bye Lenin : the fate of political monuments in the German Democratic Republic during the revolution of 1989Angela Kimberly Frey
Beloved reconstruction : our tenuous yet powerful relationship with objects as seen in the Bargello's exhibit of Donatello's bronze "David"Owen Reed Kolasinski
Forging purity : food photography and the mythology of American cuisineLinnane O'Connor
Rituals of temporality : medieval books of hours and the modern telematic experienceNatalie Pellolio
Reality check : vision and truth in Walker Evans' subway portraits, 1938-1941Leah Christine Peterson
Fantasy and control in the Forbidden City : the "Trompe-l'oeil" theatre murals in the "Juanqin zhai" or lodge of retiring from hard workZoë Roller
Beyond reality : the fantasy worlds of Simon Rodia and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumAlexandra Schmidt
Abject internet : the new natural : an analysis of Ryan Trecartin's "A family finds enternainment" (2004)Greg Vielhaber
INTERROGATION : "Harvey Birdman, attorney at law" and the semiotic expansion of Hanna-Barbera cartoonsAshley Cribbins
Cultures and context : Asia in the American museumLily Jean Goldberg
Realms of the real : appropriation, imagination and weather in Henry Darger's panoramic watercolorsRyan Holm
On the margins of their world : Lloyd Reynolds and the transformation of classroom content into cultural capitalRyland James Ianelli
Modernity and sequential art : the American comic bookLucy Kang
Magic in Black Rock Desert : space and time at the Burning Man FestivalCaitlin Kirkpatrick
Rescuing the image from history : the art of witnessing the 1989 demonstrations in BeijingLindsey M Maser
The imaging of abundance : food and status in a society of plentyNansi Ada Singh
Cries of pain, cries of pleasure : rock icons and abject bodiesAlivia-Anne Zappas
The empire strikes back : Italian visual vernacular representations in Italian colonial AfricaMaya Jenny Bartel
The 1960s American body through sculptural movement and static dance : the work of George Segal, Allan Kaprow and Yvonne RainerSheena Margaret Campbell
Constructing subjectivity : the adolescent body and female sexuality in the art of Suzanne ValadonChristopher Drelich
The Uruk vaseJesse Boardman Kauppila
Robert Davidson and Wole Soyinka : aboriginal experience in "Third spaces"Kristen Lavavej
Fit it then knit it : a revolutionary knitting pattern systemEleanor Ray
Politics and old lace : iconographic innovations of the Vologda school of lacemaking in the 1930sEmily Elizabeth Rohrabaugh
The changing representation of experiments in art and technology and its implications for the study of new media artJoseph Willis
Pop media : purveyor of cultureMichelle David
Sequential art and cyclical trauma : "In the shadow of no towers"Megan Driscoll
Picturing sex : art and pornography in contemporary visual cultureBrian Michael Hyman
Der zeitgeist der zukunft : Andreas Gursky beyond the postmodern conditionLeela Outcalt
Manet, Flaubert, and Modernism as a delayed symptom of modernitySirius Bonner
Too other : black women in French art of the 19th centuryAshley Elizabeth Bowen
Politicizing the everyday : the role of the "Arbeiter-illustrierte zeitung" in interwar GermanySteven L Bridges
Images of identity : the recontextualization of and reconfiguration of meaning in family snapshot photographyDhyana L Cabarga
Death, photography & Sally MannBrianna Dahlberg
Prophecy and witchcraft in Rosso Fiorentino's "Allegory of salvation"Emily Susan Hamilton
Reading the "Vie de St.

Join us for the opening reception of our 2015 Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition.

The World Parliament of Religions of 1893 proved to the world that holiness, purity, charity are not the exclusive possessions of any church in the world and that every system has produced men and women of the most exalted character. In the face of that evidence if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of the others,I pity him from the bottom of my heart and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written, in spite of resistance: Help and not Fight, Assimilation and not Destruction, Harmony and Peace and not Dissension. No human life together without a world ethic for the nations. No peace among the nations without peace among the religions. No peace among religions without dialogue among the religions. Interfaith Study and Dialogue Honors the differences in World Faiths and Common Ground in Human Dignity and Spirit. In gratitude and prayers of seeds of peace we remain for your success in a tranformational consciousness of responsibility and unconditional love inspiring compassion, forgiveness and healing.

Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition Poster on Behance

Join us for the opening reception of our 2013 Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition

WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF ONE GOD AND THAT MEANS WE BELONG TO ONE GLOBAL FAMILY and family should always live in Harmony with each other.
warm regards,
Dr. Laxmi Shah

In Greater Manchester, we have organised a talk and exhibition at a public library for members of the community to participate in. We are also sending letters to schools to encourage their pupils to submit entries for a poster competition, with the best ones selected awarded at a Prize-giving ceremony.

Drexel Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition 2017 June 9

This poster design is for Drexel University's Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition

I am delighted to write this letter in support of WORLD INTERFAITH HARMONY initiatives. Difference of opinion is innate to human nature. In any discussion, dialogue or debate, different people come out with different opinions of their own. Under a system of freedom of choice, a consensus is never hundred percent; there is always dissention, at least thirty percent. Religious diversity is nothing but a reflection of difference of opinion, innate to all of us. Therefore, having one world religion or having no religion (atheism) is incompatible with human nature. The whole creation is full of diversity. Variety is innate to creation. Had the Creator wanted He would have created only one belief system. Major world religions including the most demonized, stigmatized and despised, are going to be with us. They have survived throughout ages and are not going to vanish now. This is reality and the best policy is to reconcile with reality. What better way than create world interfaith harmony to reconcile with this reality? Traditionally, decent people are supposed to tolerate each other’s religious views and that is where the problem lies. One tolerates something bad, something evil and hence tolerance carries with it a sense of us, the righteous vs. non-us, the evil. There is no such thing as an evil-religion. All religions have their share of good and bad. Humans tend not to smell their own odor and thus it is hard for one to find what evil ones religion has done. There is no such thing as an all-good-religion Such a religion would have wiped out man’s cruelty to fellow man long ago. Globalization and interdependency are forcing us to deal with religious diversity. Those who can deal with it will be more successful than those who decide to go against this tide of history. If a religion appeals to ones heart and mind and comforts the soul then one has the right to believe that his/her religion is the true religion: there is nothing wrong with it and nothing wrong in becoming an informant of it. We need to understand it and accommodate it. Problem arises when people are entrapped in believing that they are all-good and them of false demonic religions are all-evil; let us proselytize the evil or else exterminate them. This is the biggest hurdle to world interfaith harmony. I end this letter with a hope that, eventually, people will realize the fallacy of going against something, which is innate to the creation such as religious diversity. We the created, have no right to challenge His design. Hating and demonizing other religions is like challenging His design.

Qur’an makes it clear that all human societies have been sent guidance from God by Scriptures and Messengers, and that He has honored all of the Children of Adam. Qur’an further makes it clear that those who truly have faith believe in all of God’s Scriptures and in all of God’s Messengers, and that they cleave no divisions into the Unity of God’s Messengers.

Drexel senior thesis exhibition; ..
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    Join us for the opening reception of our 2014 Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition on Friday, June 6th from 6-9pm

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    Drexel Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition 2017 in Philadelphia, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Friday, 09

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and create a senior thesis and exhibition.

Joe offers more than 25 years of experience in planning, architecture, and interior design, almost exclusively dedicated to improving the lives of seniors. An industry expert, he has served as a speaker and educator on master planning, architecture, and interior design at a variety of national forums, including LeadingAge and several of its local chapters, as well as at the International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA). Joe was a contributing author to the Wiley textbook, Building Type Basics for Senior Living, and has been a product designer and advisor to industry/manufacturer representatives. He has co-taught design classes at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Harrington College of Design, and Drexel University.

Joe is a professional member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ); a past advisory board member of the University of North Texas’ Coalition for Leadership in Aging Services (CLAS); an associate member of the American Institute of Architects; and a member of LeadingAge. Joe’s design work has been honored with awards from the senior living industry’s most respected programs – AIA/LeadingAge Design for Aging Review and Environments for Aging, along with National Association of Home Builders.

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